What kind of blogger are you? mama chickens tag

The Questions:

1- What kind of blog is your blog (Cat, Boss or Viral blog)?

2- Out of the 111.2 million blogs in the blogosphere, what makes a blog stand out ?

3- What, in your opinion, makes YOUR blog stand out? Why should we read your blog?

The Rules:

- After you’ve posted your answers, you may tag up to 5 of your friends.

- If you were tagged, you’re not obligated to answer. But come on… don’t be a party-pooper!

- You must add a link to your blog at the bottom of this tag. Don’t remove links already added, add yours next to them.

- If you want a copy of Seth Godin’s ebook, you can download it here. (Right Click - Save Target As)

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My replies:

Question One: I am sure my blog is barking blog with no dog :P

Question Two: Totally depends on the reader! One might like the contents of my blog and others might say I am nagging :D

Question Three: Honestly sometimes I wonder too why are bloggers so interested in my blog, so this Q can only be answered by all of you on my blog roll :) mmm but according to me I guess my riddles which I have stopped for a while now and my depressing life for few months :PpP

Why should you read my blog? If you are here and you have read till this point then that means this blog interests you and you should keep visiting I need more hits :PpP

- Blogs that answered this tag: “Da Tatness” - “el 7amama Frank” -Chikamammi - Grey - Shayouma - Speedo

I tag everyone on my blog especially Cat, Canc3rian, Amethyst, Navy Girl, Desert-Roses


chikapappi said…
You're the chicken !! & I don't think a dog
Desert-Roses said…
I feel stupid....lol....I cant get all of that thingie...

all of it ...
and for god's sake all the ppl I know you know how come I tagg other 5 ..looool

isnt it like el le3ba eli we used to play when we were kids eli el w7d y6e8 eed eli yama o eli yama y6e8 eed eli yama...but in more mature way..:p

I prefer the childish one!!

look hon am out of the game so far..cuz am lost... :)
Amethyst said…
Hmmm.. Do I have to do this tag?
Anonymous said…
chika: mmm then what am i?

desert-roses: it is but its always fun to do tags, I love them

amethyst: kefch...
Canc3riaN said…
yupppieeee I'm taggggged!!! :D

Your answers are interesting Speedo.... and I agree with you when you said that it depends on the reader. Logical.

Will post the tag on my blog soon inshalla. ;)
Dua'a said…
Thanks for taking the tag! I've added your link to the original post :)
Navy Girl said…
dude i hate tags :D

bs i'll do it .. when your back how about that ;P

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