Friday, November 2, 2007

Blue's Dream Tag

I have been missing the tag thing lately, it's been a few months since I last did one...I guess the season has started again so let me spread this tag on to everyone on my blog roll

Things I want to do before I die:

Open a school for orphans

Fight against poverty and hunger

Fly a jet plane *warning to all the passengers as that plane wont land :P*

Feed the shark

Be the fastest driver and rider in the world

Open Johnny Rockets on Moon

Own a flying car

Have a sound prove room where I can have full volume and dance all night

Respect others and be respected

Own a small Island with my swimming pool and a runway

Kill all the people who snore..ewwWW

Live by the country side

Have 2 kids a boy and a girl *respecting the growth rate :D*

Own a Ferrari

Be religious

Let the world respect women..Get them all their rights

Be a good human/blogger/father/grandfather/son/friend.....


Extinct Dodo said...

what about good speller?

:::: SHAYOUMA :::: said...

Great list! Oh I always think about a flying car too to avoid traffic lol.. I thought I would be alone up there but because you own one as well, we'll be two lol!

Ra7aLaH said...

Me --->

Not a jet plane but its still flying!

'GreY' said...

lol! good ones ... But You hate snorers? WTF? (Checks the list * another reason to hate Amu)

chikapappi said...

Ya salaam! Too much,dontcha think :P ?!

Amethyst said...

I want a sound proof room, too! You get extra points for the second last point;p

Amu said...

extinct dodo: Didn't get you ? ;/

shayouma: gr8 idea :P

ra7alah: wow nice pic :) when did you take lessons?

grey: :@ yes I doo :PpP

chikapappi: Its a dream so the gates are open!

amethyst: thanks:)

Amu said...

extinct dodo: I am sorry I typed the post and published it without reading it again...just noticed I had a few spelling mistake

Cat said...


I'll get u the ferrari :)

Cat said...


I'll get u the ferrari :)

Amu said...

cat: thanks, will you be dropping to my home too :P

Blue Dress said...

I liked that last one, good lluck with your list mate, may you achieve them Especially the moon thing ;p i would like to eat something once I’m there.

Navy Girl said...

fastest driver ?? SO NOT GONNA HAPPEN !! ON MY DEAD BODY ! ;P

and yeah i sooo wana feed the sharks !!

Maze said...

interesting far i swam with sharks in madagascar year 2004