Hurray 13 days before I travel to states for a vacation of 8 days.

16th Nov - Kuwait - New York (3 days)
20th Nov - New York - Washington ( 2 days)
22nd Nov - Washington - New York (3 hours)
22nd Nov - New York - London (17 hours)
24th Nov - London - Kuwait

This will be one hell of a vacation. I don't even know why I am traveling. My sis asked me today morning are you looking forward to your vacation and I was like NO. I just want a change!

Mom traveled today morning. My elder sis looks sad and she is missing mom. With me 3ady I guess I am heartless right?? Ahh why don't I miss people any more. I wasn't like that. Poor mother she went worrying about me as I have been sick for few days.

Went to the Flugtag event yesterday. Apart from the crowd the event was boring. It was too windy. I met with Chicken, Blueberry, Fayoora * I changed their names* and Maze. I wish I could meet Grey but I guess I missed him by few meters :) Saw this beautiful girl, didn't want her to beat me up so I took her pictures from her back without her knowing will post them tomorrow..

Why do I have to go work tomorrow? :? me workaholic is changing...I hate work now!

Watch this video Blood so cute baby..


Amethyst said…
Lucky you! Me jealous;p I want a vacation, too:(

Beautiful girls can't beat up guys, they can slap them;p

I'm going to be a workaholic.
chikapappi said…
who's the chicken you dimwit!! Oh, you better not post pics of me e7em e7em :P
Blue Dress said…
hey you cant post pictures of the girl! 3aib!

Enjoy your Vacation.
eshda3wa said…
8 days bas?
inshallah ull have fun

and sa7 kalam blue
Cat said…
bel salama w enjoy ur trip ..

la et5af .. enta mo heartless .. its only that guys don'y express their feelings n puplic .. ye5afooooooon :)
Navy Girl said…
can i go along !! i so much need some days off !! :(
'Grey' said…
Muhahah ! I like the Chiken thing ! heeehee ! Sorry i missed you !
Moey said…
bloddddddd-h nice video :) said…
i really hate you about now :p i wanna go back to NY and DC... did you check the pix and stuff to do on my page? DC is just fun, especially near chinatown on the weekend. let me know if u need any advice!
Amu said…
amethyst: come with me in my suitcase :P

chika: you chiky chicken :)

blue: 3ady they dont show her face :)

eshda3wa: yes I have to get back to work then..

cat: Allah yesalmch :)

navy: no you cant :P

grey: Its ok!!

moey: welcome here :) thanks! Its still not late, pack your bags and come with me :)
Maze said…
good for u buddy...u need a change!

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