Day Four

I had a great time in NY and in 1 hour my flight departs from JFK to DC. I couldn't post pics as there was some problem with the internet in my hotel room. Will be posting pics once I arrive in DC.

My cousin just left for his flight to Toronto. Had a great time with J. We meet up every year in a different city and share our experiences and life stories. I miss him now. Had lovely 3 days laughing, talking and having so much fun. I have to say NY is a city that is never sleeping 24/7. The subways are always busy and the people are really friendly.

I miss blogging and Kuwait.


Amethyst said…
Good to know your enjoying your time
Speedo said…
grey: I assume that was a joke, you sure you don't know what is that? :D Yes it is in DC!

amethyst: thanks!
Navy Girl said…
7ada JOKE ! :D

oh and did you clubbing ?? :P you told me you would ;P

dont miss bloggin !! have fun a7sn ;P
enigma said…
well they call it the city that never sleeps ;>
chikapappi said…
Nice :) just stop complaining & enjoy
niQa said…
you have to tell me aalllll about dc, might be moving there in Jan. :/
Speedo said…
navy girl: no clubbing, how can I go there when I pray 5 times :pPp even though I havent been praying here!

enigma: which is so true :)

cat: thanks..

chika: did I complain :s

niqa: I will tell you all about it just keep visiting :)
Stewie said…
to9al bilsalama enshalla :) its time to DC now! :D said…
heyyyyyyyy, dont you dare forget to check out chinatown near the verizon center if youre there on a friday/saturday night, especially if there's a game on. the place is SO ALIVE!

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