Traveling to NY/DC/LA/LonDon

With less than 48 hours left in my departure, I am finally excited about my trip. This is one trip that I am really looking forward to. Four different cities in 2 weeks. Sounds so much fun.. Even though I am not that much into parties but this time I will be saying yes to everything that comes my way.

I will be spending 3 days in NY, 4 days in DC, 2 days in LA and 10 hours in London. The aim is speedo relaxing, having a blast, visiting cousins in DC and friends in London.

I still need to pack my luggage as I haven't even decided what clothes to carry on me. But as I will be having 2 days of meeting in LA I need to keep a balance in my clothes. I doubt I will be able to post on a daily bases from there but I am sure I will be missing most of you.

I have only received Mamma Chika's choclate request till now :p...any other requests are welcome too.


grey said…
Hey ! have a good trip ! enjoy as if there is no tomorrow !
Anonymous said…
enjoy man...and hit the clubs!! esp in NYC ....have a blast!!
chikamammi said…
Only thing that will be hit here is speedo himself! okkkkk!!
Anonymous said…
grey: there is no tomorrow.hurray :)

maze: I will!!

mama chika: KKKKKK :D
SouS said…
enjoy the trip!!!
i love trips that take you to sooo many destinations in such a short time, i dont like staying in one place too long:P
have a great time!
Navy Girl said…
you have fun there okay ! and take care of yourself ..

oh and dont forget to bring me the cute guy i told ya about ! :D
Canc3riaN said…
:D Enjoy your trip and update us with all the details...

My request: That you go and come back ALIVE and SANE!

Take care of your self layge9oon 3alaik fil airport... don't talk to strangers... w latshoof hni w hnak... 5allek 3agel! :P
Desert-Roses said…
troo7 o tred bel salama...hey!!
still mako mkan in ur gan6a for me :P!!!
Anonymous said…
sous: thanks

navy: lol @ ur cute guy :)

canc3rian: thanks for the lovely request...n I took all ur advices :)

desert-roses: Allah bag is all empty..7ayach be at the airport at 6 on friday :)
enigma said…
ur gonna have a blast ! and pack some really warm clothes cuz it's gonna be freezing in NY and DC, sometimes it starts snowing at this time
Anonymous said…
enigma: I have two hands and one bag empty, where will you fit :D ?

I will take some warm clothes on me..hope i have a blast like you said..

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