This is for you S

This post is for my dearest and sweetest friends S who is in Bahrain and my personal Dr. too :pPp I will pay you for taking care of me..

I know you are upset because you feel that the post *ring ring* was directed towards you and the funny part is that even though we are friends forever you don't believe me :(.

I just want to say you that cheer up and that post wasn't meant for you. It just came in a wrong time I guess so you feel that it was for you. Smile because that is what is missing on you face since yesterday :D


Ra7aLaH said…
S 7aram shakla amu has such a goOD heart!
Navy Girl said…
cheer up S & amu's Dr. :P
nQ said…
aAW!! adorable :P
Amu said…
Amethyst: :)

Ra7alah: no Amu has black heart :P

navy girl: hehe..I bet she wont!

nq: I know :) welcome here

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