Boiling Temperature


Mathai said…
yeah I cant even touch the door handle to get inside my car :(

btw you average 15 L/100 KM? OMG!
Anonymous said…
Mathai: it is damn hot..I am planning to go for Jet Ski in a while today ;)

is 15L/100KM bad or good?
Mathai said…
Jet ski sounds good :)
15 Liters for every 100 Kilometer is very bad. But I just remembered that you have a Yukon. American cars have low mileage but since petrol is cheap here its no problem.
Anonymous said…
Yup I do have a Yukon. I love this SUV..I doubt I will ever be buying a Sedan again unless if its a sports car ;)
DeKnight said…
I Love that SUV.. its a nice one
Moody said…
and guess what !!! we are still in MAY !!!
├éme said…
Hi Amu,
Someone thinks i am you.

Can you please reply and clarify.


~ Soul
Anonymous said…
Ame: Hello mate,

I checked your blog and didn't find anything to reply there :)

To that someone I will reply here...

I am Amu and he is Ame..we are two seperate bloggers :))

A Journal Entry said…
wait until ermuthan be on july =S
No3iK said…
i sooo dont miss this ..
gi3do bl bait lat6l3oon lol
sawo strike!
Anonymous said…
Moody: This weather is expected in May ;p

A Journal Entry: I am sure most of the people will travel this year :)

No3ik: ahem shy strike ;p haha... and what about people who get bored sitting at home ;)
No3iK said…
buy lots and lots of board games!

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