Morning Traffic

Every morning no matter how early I leave from home it almost takes me 2 hours before I could get to my office. An hour on the road and the other 30 mins to an hour before I could park my car in the car park. The only solution I have is to leave at 6:30am which will take me then 45 minutes to get to Kuwait City and that's when I don't have to wait outsite the car park for another hour. But I am not lucky with that always as I have things to do almost most of the weekdays.

With this summer and the boiling weather I wish we had better bus service so I would either hop on it and get to my business or I would love to ride my bike and get to work. That would just make things much better. This is what I miss about London and their bus and underground network. Its just so convenient and the best I have seen so far. Even back in my college days there I would just be able to do everything on time as the buses and trains have a fixed time to arrive at the station.

Can't wait till September when the weather gets better and the riding season picks up again!!


wet knickers said…
i miss londonnn!!!
hummingbird bakery ;p
Anonymous said…
Wet Knickers: I miss the rain..I miss the country side England..I miss UK in general :)
A Journal Entry said…
i hate the traffic when going to and from work oo in this heat its unbearable =/
swera said…
I always try to get a little bitlate from home so the roads will coold down, coz if i get early take the same time so why bother?!

and i hv my personal parking card/spot :D get urself one if u can!
Mathai said…
Morning commute is a killer but I leave home at 6.30 and reach the office by 7.15 :)

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