The New Ugly Porsche Cayenne

I was driving towards Marina for some business to finish when I spotted the new Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The rear lights look ugly. I feel they look like any Korean made SUV or like a Nissan Murano.

I am a big fan of Porsche but didn't like the new look at all...


M O Z A said…
w25eeran someone agreed with me. Exactly, its so missing Porsche vibe 7araam =( ..
Charmbracelet said…'s the first time I see it..
I agree the rear lights look ugly =\
I loooooove the Panamera tho=)
samaher said…
ummm cars
can't wait to drive my own :D
Anonymous said…
Moza: big time!!

Charmbracelet: I love the Carrera GT :D

Samaher: lol you need to move to Kuwait ;p
A Journal Entry said…
i don't like it either
shosho said…
It's just a car :P
No3iK said…
omg as i was reading i had to double check when u said porsche!!

i thought it was a toyota suv :/

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