Just Landed In DC

I just landed few hours back. The flight was not bad but I would still prefer British Airways. The good thing of traveling on United is that its non stop to DC 13 hours and 15 minutes. Their economy chairs are really small. I couldnt even stretch my legs properly and the flight was packed.

The security situation inflight and at airport is not at all like I had read on different blogs. They are pretty easy going. I guess it all depends on how you talk to them. I honestly have never faced any problems when traveling to US but have heard alot of people facing issues.

The best part is the weather. Its cold its really cold and I am loving it!!!


samaher said…
e7mdullah 3ala salamtk
mrayty said…
7amdella 3asalama
Nemo said…
al7emdella 3al salama :)
did you sleep during the flight?
Anonymous said…
Samaher: Allah yesalmch.

Mrayty: Allah yesalmch.

Nemo: Allah yesalmch :) yes i did every now and then without taking any medicine :D
Bu Yousef said…
Enjoy DC :)
Post some pics pls.
A Journal Entry said…
7imdillah 3al salamah =)
one-oh-seven said…
7imdAllah 3al salama enjoy

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