City Centre Promotion 900 Fills

I had to pick up a few things on my list before I travel and as City Centre Shuwaikh was on my way I decided to stop there.

They have got 900 fills promotion for few items till stock lasts. There were alot of people buying items from that section. They have got some nice stuff there like Kids toys, LED light, Amplifier Speakers, Multiple power sockets ...

I picked up LED Rechargable light as it had 20 hours of of battery life.


samaher said…
good bargains
why would anyone need the light thingy u bought :S
Bu Yousef said…
People still shop there?
وناسه احب العروض..

اذا في مجال ان شاءالله بروح اتطمش..

Mathai said…
Hmm that flashlight is giving me some ideas. I think I'll buy a couple of them :)
Anonymous said…
Samaher: mmm it be used if ur camping :)

Bu Yousef: I think alot of people do though I still shop at Sultan Center.

رورو الشخبوطه: Sure do :)

Mathai: What ideas? ;p
Mathai said…
I dug around their 'bargain bin' this weekend but they've run out of this type of flashlight.
This is what I have in mind. ;)

and these are some of the tools they use;
Sh7afana said…
is city center the one next to living colors?
Anonymous said…
Sh7afana: yes :)

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