Off to States

I will be traveling to DC in the next few days for a week on United Airlines visiting family. This is the first time I will be traveling on a non stop flight for more than 13 hours. I really hope that flying with United turns out to be a good experience. Has anyone traveled on United before?

I have got few tips from family and friends on how to spend my 13 hours in flight. Whats funny is they all have suggested to take sleeping pills after few hours on the flight. Even though I am not a medicine person I guess this time that's the only solution...

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Nemo said…
the flight will be at 12 am, (i slept for 8 hours without sleeping pills)

i was on economy plus, i took with me a pillow and a blanket (i was planning to sleep)

they will serve dinner right after take off .. the next meal will be breakfast (after 10 hours)

if you think that you may not sleep buy a snack from the airport for the plane

what else? ... ask me if u have specific questions :)
Anonymous said…
Nemo: I dont care about they have good in-flight entertainment? thanks for all the info :)
Nemo said…
yeah but it was okay .. not the smart touch system where you choose whatever you want to watch (delta) .. its the old one with more than 10 channels of movies, tv-series

actually you can check the movies on ur flight from their website :)
Nemo said…
bring a small blanket o pillow la2na bard bl 6ayara :S
Anonymous said…
Bon voyage :D!
Mathai said…
It cant be worse than PIA can it? :P
Just fill your media player/notebook with all your favorite shows and you wont know the time go by
Bon Voyage!
Anonymous said…
Nemo: thanks for the tips :)

C: thanks :)

Mathai: I am not carrying my laptop as I am planning to get macbook from there :) so in flight entertainment should do ;p

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