Before I used to have these cravings after any meal when I want to eat something sweet. But lately it has turned into something odd. All I want to have is Ice Cream and Chocolate Molten Cake. Give me a bucket full of Baskin Robbins ice cream and I will finish it off in a blink. I have tried to slow down my self on these sweets but with no success especially when every second person in my family is diabetic. These cravings are so odd and annoying that now I can have ice cream even before any meal :s

I hope I get over them soon!!


You will when you are exactly ready, just think of how negative can it be so I'm sure you'd try and by the way try to have them once or twice a week atleast.
M O Z A said…
Oops, doesn't sound pleasant, enshalah u get over these cravings soon.
Anonymous said…
Another Penelope: I am ready but cant control ;/

Moza: hope soo!!
Ready should be ready without any excuses.
Anonymous said…
Another penelope: enshallah ;) u sound scary ;p
samaher said…
On-The-Rocks said…
its summer.. and ice-cream is amazing.. trying GELATO's frozen yoghurt, its in kuwait city... not like pinkberry!
doona said…
thats not a craving...thgats just normal :D

and the pic looks delish!! who makes this? aby!!
Just A Bunch said…
You will get over them. I do have cravings from time to time just like everybody else, & they're bound to go away once your fully satisfied. Just dont' ignore them; u should eat what u crave, i heard its not good to deprive yourself. The trick is to differentiate between real cravings & cravings out of boredom. & dont forget to "control"!!! Now thats really tricky! hee hee
but its doable. Hope u get over these cravings you dont like soon.

u know what works for me sometimes? eating something bad! lol i mean, for example, if i craved a brownie with vanilla ice-cream, i'd get the best one out there, cuz it will satisfy me surely, & the craving will go away. But if i got a craving again the next day & its not a real craving (cuz i'd already satisfied that), i'd eat a terrible brownie; one that i dont even can continue, & it really works! i'd just hate it! lol

U should do try that. is there a type of ice-cream u hate? whenever u have the craving for ice-cream, eat the one u usually hate, it shall help u stop the craving in sha Allah.

When u do, tell us what happens!
Anonymous said…
Just a bunch: I have to do something about it ;/ as of yesterday my mouth has a very weird taste. I have tried every possible thing to get that taste away but with no luck!!

I have to give it a try :D Might have an ice cream with that red cherry on it!! I usually don't like that :) thanks for the tips!!
Anonymous said…
Just A Bunch: Welcome On-board my blog ;)
Just A Bunch said…
Thnx ^^

No problem, hope it works!

But maybe you should try exercising as well (about the tummy u said u are getting!). Sometimes I gain weight when I don't engage in any activities for a long time, & just laze around the house for weeks not moving much. Have you been sitting a lot recently & not going out much?
cravings can be result of many reasons, (physiological, psychological...etc).

Maybe you're not sleeping enough; studies proved that lack of sleep make people eat more, esp fatty stuff like the kind we crave...

Do you usually get cravings this? or is it stronger this time?
Anonymous said…
Just A Bunch: No I usually never get fact i don't have a taste for food. I mean I am not demanding in what I want to this is strange for me to get such cravings!! It might be that recently the structure of my life has changed and that's effecting me :)
Just A Bunch said…
yeah, probably... We get affected by what happens around us so that maybe the reason. But we also have to know that we can change from time to time. What we do this day might not be the same the next day, & still it would be natural.
Anyways, wishing u all the best, bro, & good luck on the tryout :)

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