Ecco Outlet

As the temperature is getting hot with every day I have been looking around for some nice and comfortable slippers/sandles that I can wear daily and gives both casual and formal look. I wasnt in a mood to spend too much on them. Keepin the budged in mind I visited Sportsman in Salmiya wher I found a really nice Addidas slipper. I was also told by my friend Yousef and my sister to visit the new Ecco Outlet in City Center salmiya as they have good deals.

I visited them and they have almost 50% off on their shoes/slippers. They didnt have a big collection in slippers as they mostly have last pieces in stock or one size.

I picked up mine for kd25 which will serve the purpose and are really comfortable.


samaher said…
cool a guy with shopping post
Anonymous said…
Samaher: haha .. thanks :)
Eden said…
good shopping

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