To The Lady In Red Cadillac and 112

First you tale gate my car.

Second you cut my car missing it with few inches.

Third when I ask you to drive safely you scream at me in return.

Forth you have the guts to come behind my car and raise both your hands and show me your fingers.


What did I do?

Called 112 to complain (I must say they have an excellent customer service and I am really impressed)

They asked me to go to the police station and complain.

Arrived at the police station and the policeman asked me if I wanted to file a case.

Thinking what has happened a few weeks back I just didn't want that females to be pulled in court.

Left from there went to Caribou had a cooler to cool my self!!!



Mathai said…
haha! you too? Dont worry we all have our fair share of escaping death from these 'ladies' :P
A Journal Entry said…
ppl these days think they own the street!
..::Amu::.. said…
Dont.Dwell: :) welcome here...

Mathai: yes me too and I was damn pissed!

A Journal Entry: tell me about it!
samaher said…
maybe she's drunk maybe
No3iK said…
ur such a gentleman..

reminded me of when a woman bumped into the back of our car! and she was the one complaining and yelling at my husband!! lol wth!!!

i think its a defense mechanism.. and frankly it works :p coz we also left her because we didnt want to deal with her low class attitude.

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