Hassan Opticians

I have been running around to get my glasses fixed for the past two weeks and I finally received them. The way Hassan Optician has dealt with my request I feel ashamed that such a big company with such a good name deal in such a lousy way...

I bought prescription glasses from them last year and didn't wear them till mid of last year for the first time. Just recently I noticed that the coating on the lenses was peeling off. Since I knew that I had one year some warranty on the lenses I took it to them to get it fixed. The initial greeting at Al Manshar branch was really good. I was informed that I can drop my glasses at any of their brances and it will be fixed as .

I visited the Muthanna Complex Branch of Hassan Optics and the manager refused to receive my glasses for repairing. He said I need to go back to Al Manshar branch. We ended up in an argument and I asked him to call the manager in Al Manshar branch as he asked me that I can drop my glasses here. He called the manager and finally after few minutes gave me the time to come and pick them up after 3 days.

I went after 3 days to pick the glasses up and found out that the coating from the other lens was peeling off now. The manager said that this time I need to go back to Al Manshar branch as I got these glasses from there and both the lenses need to be replaced. I told the manager since it is your branch why cant you change the lenses here. He said no we have a policy where you buy the glasses from you take them back to the same place for any repair.

I picked up my glasses went to Al Manshar and GUESS WHAT??

The staff there had completely changed and they started blaming the old staff. To cut the story short they said they need 3 more days to finish my glasses. I said OK.... I went back to them after 5 days...this time they blamed the workshop people...they said they will finish it the same day. I told them I will pick it up after 2 days as I want them to do the job properly. I called them yesterday and they didn't finish the glasses still...This fumed me up and I was literally screaming at them. Finally got a call today that my glasses are ready. I went and picked them up and will never go there again!!! All in total 15 days to finish my glasses....PATHETIC!!!

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samaher said…
they missed the importance of costumer service , middle east trademark
sweetd said…
yep i am one of those people who hate places that have a good name and their service sucks! :D mabrook for the glasses though:P i guess
Lino Kumiko said…
er, 15 days to finish the glasses was too much..

Karamilah said…
better than 3 months,,,, i once had to take my glasses to be repaired and it took them 3 months and when i received them, the crystals started falling off
Richard said…
That's insane! That staff change over is a bit of a joke really.


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