Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back to home

I will be leaving in a while from my work, going to see a few more places around before I head back to my hotel pack my bag and head to the airport for my return flight. I will be traveling from LA airport to JFK (6 hours), layover (4 hours), JFK to London (7 hours), stopover (13 hours) meeting friends, London to Kuwait (6 hours). This will be one long journey. I won't be posting any thing before Friday now. I am really excited to refresh some old good memories in London : )

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speeding Fines

What a great start of a day here in LA to find out that I have fines for KD 390. I first read ChikaPappi's post and then Mark's and when I checked mine I was shocked. Till last week I didn't have any fines and I am not in Kuwait for 2 weeks then how did I get all these fines all of a sudden. I feel there is something wrong going there. I do speed always but I am always careful with cameras.


So I was in Maryland and I see our neighbor having this nice looking motorcycle. I ask him for a ride as I was excited about it. The road had frost layer on it. I sat on it accelerated and there the motorcycle slips and goes and I end up on the road hurting my self. This all happened on the weekend. I saw this picture while goggling remembered the incident and thought of sharing it :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Work Day

My work day so far *touch wood* is going really great. I woke up after sleeping for 9 hours at 4am LA time 3pm Kuwait time feeling all fresh and good. Log on to the net and my addiction to blogs I click on chika's blog and I couldn't stop laughing when I read the title : ) I don't need stress ball for today!

Had our Global Marketing Meeting which went pretty good as I was too busy chatting on msn : )

My VP comes and sits with me he says why you want to leave and bla bla bla I said fine I will stay because I need the bonus :D *joke* I really feel good after letting all that grudge in my heart out,hehe

Had a chat with Ms Dude. She is all grumpy because this world of bloggers mix friendship and relationship. They don't know that guys and girls can be FRIENDS too...What do you people say? Can a guy and girl be FRIEND or its always love? To me it depends how you take it. I take it mostly as friendship unless I go out and ask the girl out!!

Aicha and all others think I am maleeq, khebel, maynoon and all the sweet words because I am not paying attention at work.

Mom and family says I should come back home soon. They all miss me!

I say I still have to visit London for 10 hours on my way back, which is soo much fun as all my mates are there!

I am super hyper today :D

The Last Leg

I just arrived LA a few hours back. I have my meetings starting tomorrow morning and I am just not into it. I hate my work now and there is no reason to hate it :? I don't know whats wrong with me!!! I just want to resign and walk out tomorrow. I feel I can do much more without this job. It might be less in benefits that I receive from my present job and more hard work but at the end of the day this is what I wanted from the beginning. I started working before 5 years to accomplish a important thing in my life and now when its not there I want to get back to what I wanted.

I have been thinking in flight all my way to LA and I still cant get the answer why I want to leave my job? I am crazy..its so weird that I know what I am doing might be wrong but I still want to do it!

Another stupid thing in me I just don't feel like coming back to Kuwait. I don't know why?? I miss Kuwait, I miss my car, my Speedo but right now I just want to get away from every thing... I am too scared to come back into the same life that I left before 2 weeks. I had such a good time in NY, DC, Virginia and Maryland. I miss my cousins, they really greeted me so well here in states.

I need to get out of this 4 wall room and see LA and grab a bite before I sleep. Wish me luck for tomorrows day and I hope I make the right decisions.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Honesty Box

Thanks to :::Shayouma::: for letting me write this post so I can speak my heart out.

1) I keep saying to myself that I don't love you..but the truth is I still do!
2) Why did you end it like this?
3) What did I do to get this?
4) Changing your name doesn't make you a different person from what you are.
5) I miss you
6) I wish you all the best
7) I have feelings people
8) I am selfish now
9) I hate you for the way you left
10) I wish you come back to me one day
11) I miss Amu
12) I wish I wish I wish I could end all this here and start a new life from this moment! ! !

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I was out shopping in a mall in Maryland when I saw this movie running in cinema. I watched it and would say its a nice movie worth watching it. If you are out of Kuwait I would ask you watching it there in cinema as I am pretty much sure half of the movie will be censored when its released by KNCC. I would rank it 4/5 so don't miss it :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More of NY

On the move . . .

Statue of Liberty:

Inspector Speedo

World Trade Center - Ground Zero:

Wall Street:

China Town - NY:

NY Subway ticket machines
Empire State Building:

View of NY city during snow fall

In action :p

Snow .. snoW .. sNow .. snOw

S for ???

Yes ... snowfall, I love it!!

5th avenue, downtown NY, Columbus Av, Broadway (New York) :

In search for chika's hot guy - this one suits you mama :pPp

Or this :)

Jr. Speedo

The famous ice skating ring that appears in some of the Hollywood movies

I loved this display in one of the stores

Beautiful dress

Apple cube

aussieBum :ppPPpp

Strawberry Juice..yummy :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Four

I had a great time in NY and in 1 hour my flight departs from JFK to DC. I couldn't post pics as there was some problem with the internet in my hotel room. Will be posting pics once I arrive in DC.

My cousin just left for his flight to Toronto. Had a great time with J. We meet up every year in a different city and share our experiences and life stories. I miss him now. Had lovely 3 days laughing, talking and having so much fun. I have to say NY is a city that is never sleeping 24/7. The subways are always busy and the people are really friendly.

I miss blogging and Kuwait.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Day One...

Today morning I woke up noticing after 3 years that the shoes I wear have Speed written on them : )

Then took the airport shuttle went to Station C, then Air train for Jamaica Station and from there took a subway E train to 42nd Street and got out to find my self here…

Welcome to Times Square

There are too many Ford and Chevrolet cars here. GM is doing good here..

Will be visiting tomorrow!

A lot of side street shops selling $1 - $10 items.

My breakfast all halal Filet-O-Fish with mama chika's addiction of ketchup that got in me today. The taste sucks. I should say I am hating it!!

Hard Rock Cafe

NASDAQ building is located right in the center of Times Square

Yahoo oo oo oo !

*cough cough*, red nose, chest pain and freezing cold. I finally had a warm hot chocolate. I felt so good after that. I hope I won't be addicted to it!

Huge and tall building and full of advertisements

This is main Time Square area where they have fire works on the new years eve

Lol this really cracked me :P

This site seeing bus charges $40 for a 2 hour tour of downtown Manhattan. You can get on and off as many times you want during the ride.

A view of Times Square its full of advertisements

I love the creativity in their advertisements here. This was on Times Square.

There is no store near my hotel so had to walk 5 blocks away to get this bottle. Does any one know what they mean by 5 blocks? According to me 5 blocks is like 2 km walk in my area in Kuwait.