World's smallest girl

The teenager, who is the world's smallest girl according to the Indian Book of Records, has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Now fully grown, she weighs just 11 lb.

You can read more about it here


Navy Girl said…
oh my god !! :/
Big Pearls said…
il7amdillah 3ala kil ne3ma
Soul said…
il7amdillah shes doing O.K.

How lucky are the parents, still they get to play with their daughter !

My son is 5 months old and its 100% best time of anyones life as a parent.

~ Soul
Soul said…
she is so cute..
..::Amu::.. said…
soul: you two soul's confuse me always :D
Soul said…
LOL amu u know when i see her comments i always say WTF!!! when did i made such a comment! hehehe

she has a signature that goes like this--> ~soul

i don't ;)
Kaileena said…
Il7imdillah 3ala kil ni3ma! Did you see the baby girl with two faces?!

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