How many of you hear Deewaniya on Marina FM from 12pm - 2pm everyday? I try to take my lunch break usually at that time so I can hear it while driving. Its a really interesting program and I have to say most of the time I am just laughing and I feel it gives me a good break from work.

The other day I was listening to it and there was a khataba who was telling different issues about marriages and how people are so picky. Some thing really caught me when I heard that how some guys are so picky that they go to visit the girls house and if they don't like the house from outside they return back without even visiting the house. I was really shocked when I heard this. I had a million questions in my mind.

What are families looking for in marriage these days? Are they looking for a caring and loving girl or looking for a family with a bank full of money? Where are we going? Why are we so picky about the family name? Why are we so racist? There was an endless stream of questions flowing in my mind....

Let me tell you my mom keeps asking me what is my choice of a good girl and my answer is I don't know mom. I just say her she should be simple as I dont like too much makeup on girls. I am never picky if she is bnt el ....... or whoever. My parents care that she should be white or fair in color but for me non of this is important. All I care about is we have a good understanding and we end up as good husband and wife.

If you are not married what is the choice of you guy or girl? Are you picky about your choices? I need to hear it loud here.


Anonymous said…
Bless u amu. I don't like the racist thoughts about family names, especially when ppl differentiate each other on the basis on there surnames!

I'm not picky. I just want the one who loves me and I love her, thats all.
falantan said…
we're all a little bit racist even if we don't know it bro :)
Amethyst said…
I don't listen to the radio.

My choice would be a guy I can be myself with 24/7 without being scared that I'd be judged, but my parents have their own standards.

I don't think I'm picky.
LaLa said…
My choice of a guy is someone who I can be comfortable with without worrying about how I should act. I want someone who is tall, manly, warm, animal lover, outgoing and comes from my same environment.

I'm a bit picky, but only because I want to be comfortable with that person.
Anonymous said…
hello, how are you ?
hows everthin?

i love dewaniya too but sometimes ma al7ag 3alih :(

G.E&B said…
1) God fearing Muslim man.
2) has a brain that works (and used frequently)
3) has manners
4) has a job
5) is interested in getting married to ME (me being the operative word)
6) has a sense of humor
7) has a decent family (no crazies or soap-opera characters plz.)
8) non-smoker
Missy said…
1. ahaam shaay good manners o e9ali and e9om o such things. not too religious, though! maby wa7ed le7ytah lai b6nah o thoubah lai rkbtah. *no offence*

2. has a good job that pays well. Lazim a'9mn mustgbalii w mustgbal 3yali :P

3. HAS to be educated (BSc and above) [a good university, not any 5rboo6a commercial uni]. Ee magdr a5eth wa7ed agal meny!

4. loves me SO MUCH (this has to be number 1 :p)

5. HAS to be generous o e3ayshni nfs el level eli 3ayshtah eb bait oboy, or above. I wouldn't settle for less. :^)

6. Open minded but not shallow. y3nee open minded bas still knows how to differentiate between 7alal and 7aram / 9a7 and 3'ala6.

7. get along well with my family, and vice versa.

8. White. (how racist! shame on me.) la bas etha ya3ni wa7ed kel shay feeh nfs eli abee bas asmar 3ady a5tha mo ena I reject the guy cuz he's not white!

9. no matter how old, still young at heart. Aham shay.

10. loves kids.

11. doesn't smoke.

12. yelbis 3dl. (aham she he knows how to match his clothes) mo ylbis a56'r o a7mr o a9fr. LOL!

12. someone that'd shower me with love, hugs&kisses, care and gifts just for making me happy. :D <3 awww.

*e7m* Im not that picky, am I?
Navy Girl said…
loveeeeeeee all the way long baby :D
Mirror Polisher said…
Oh I'm not picky either...i just want a guy that's PERFECT..hehehehe...on and by perfect i mean intelligent, easy to talk to, considerate, caring, loving, has a sense of humor, has eyes only for me, knows when to give me my space, loves kids, knows his way around the kitchen, has a great relationship with his parents (especially his mom), adventurous, not too sociable (coz i'm not, so it would be hard to keep up with him), not too stubborn, successful in his career, shows his love through actions not mere words, my best friend, someone i can spend hours with in silence...

Did i mention i am not picky? :D
Silver said…
Its funny, but i dont like it that much. they come off as obnoxious to me. I would want my guy to truly fear God and to love me for who i am. Not so picky:)
kella met2a5er said…
Eldewaneyya 9ra7a 3ejbaaa, cool, nas funny ya3ny, o their timing is perfect!! SHAGAAAAGY

You know..

I always used to tell my mother: I want a tan 7an6aweyya woman, black hair, min eljema3a..I want her to be 7adha from us ya3ny!!

And my brother always used to say: I want american wife, blonde, white..sham7oo6a, I dont want kuwaiti woman, cuz when they age, they become ba66a..fat, but american woman always take care of their shape, exercise..even if they are 3yayiz!!

You know what the funny thing amu?? I married the american woman, and my brother married the kuwaiti woman...

You never really marry what you think you want, when ever you are still only thinking about it!!

Ne9eeb..kella min allah =)
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with falntan.
Hamitaf La B. said…
Good Manners... Respects his parents = respects me... Ambitious and Motivated... and more important than all of this... CONNECTION!!!

Btw.. the diwaniya guys... don't they over do the laughing a bit... ya3ni sometimes they laugh at things that aren't THAT funny and keep laughing and... madri... Im usually at work :)
Ms. D said…
i have no clue on how i want my future husband to b.. especially looks wise but i guess he has to b tall.. mo 3n shy, but noman will marry someone as tall as he is or taller ;p

mmm... personality wise.. mmmm i want a brain guy... someone who would never lo shino eser put me down.. respectful.. and he has to understand me.. cuz not alot of ppl r able to compehend what i say ;p

mmm lo bagol who i want my husband to look like it has to b orlando bloom ;p fe kuwaityen out there who look like him.. see am not 6ama3a ;p am askin for so little ;p
Ms. D said…
abad 7asha mn gal inty mo picky ;p
Glitter said…
Min sijjik u listen to Dewaniya? o you LAUGH b3d?!!

They are the most malaqa program with their stereo typing of women being Nisra, and Man being maskeen..

This 6alal ilyagout guy is so SAKHEEF, with his stupid slang "Laa wullaaaai"..

Each time i try to give them a chance and listen to them, my blood boils at the stupid converstion, and i change the channel right away..

Wow, chinny I got carried away with this comment :/
Sorry if I offended anyone.
Ra-1 said…
1. ekhaf men Allah swt, o meltezem fee 3ebadata kelaha o e7eb elkhair.

2. khalooq, mo7taram, 6ayeb, may3a9eb :p

3. bar fee omma o obooh o mo6ee3 lohom, o ma7boob ben ahala.

4. ekhaf 3alay o yen9a7nee lama a'3le6, egool mashkoora (thank u) o egool asif (sorry) :)

5. e3awenny fee kel shay o eshaje3nee a7aqeq ahdafee o a7lamee.

6. Romansee (romantic).

7. e7eb el yahal (kids), e7eb el 7aywanat (pets) & e7eb el sofar!

8. libbees e7eb yeksha'7 (ezgerty) :p

o bas :)
G.E&B said…
rock on glitter. I'm not the biggest fan either. I start out listening, then get pissed at the ignorance they spew and their fake American accents. there i said it.
Arabian lady said…
i like the subject LOL ! . i just knew that there is this dowaniya thing (a) .. rarely afta7 il radio.

i hate picky men !,cuz akeed mara7 ylage 100% mithil ma oho yabe

example : mara ga3da akalem my cousin fa ygoly yabe wa7da sha3arha na3im seeda o blue eyes o baitha bss itkon q8tia o mayabe big nose o mayabe curly hair o law wavy ham may9er o mayabe g9eera !!

ya3ne shbuga ?:p may9er itkon wa7da 100% chthy , lama isalfa y9er feha zawaj lazem ykon fe tanazolat min i6arfain le2ana ishakel mo mohim + law ma7ad tenazal they wont continue together.

same as women lama yabon rayal 100% lazem ykon 50%-85% '3air 3an ily kanat tabeh :)

ambaih sorry 3al 6wala, i know kitabt wayed..
OutOfReach said…
I used to listen to it when they started but now i dont know why i dont,, a7es 9aro ethgaal :P

anyway about the subject you will be shocked how guys are shallow sometimes ufff and the families too , thank GOD my family are not like this..

back then i wanted a tall guy a7eb le6wal :P and someone akeed y5aaf allah o0 someone y7eb oma waaaaaaaaaaaaayed kan hal shay mohem 3ndi wayd o0 thank GOD my husband is tall o0 he loves his mom of course ;P
what i mean by ena y7eb oma wayed ena fe nas 3adi 3ndhom yz3lon omhathom or ykdroon 5a6rha i dont like these kinda of ppl , i like the ones who respect their parents very much and would not do anything that upset them...
Fa6ma said…
That's interesting. I don't know if what I'm going to say is going to lable me as picky or racist =D
I would like to live with a man who can understand what I say when I say it and what I feel when I feel it. Have a great sense of humor and is a little crazy. I'm not so strict so don't expect me to behave all the time =p
Faithful, exciting, outgoing.

Hmm I'm sure there is more but I don't wanna be a bore =p..
but isn't that what we all want?
Anonymous said…
I will try my best not to say bla bla bla looks don't matter... bla bla bla he doesn't have to be rich bla bla bla... BUT in this day and age it DOES matter - personally I don't care what he looks like as long he's chubby haha.. but when we're old and grey looking at our grandkids playing walla looks don't matter, he doesn't have to have the most recent cartier watch and shiny ferarri parked up front.. Cos all these things fade away and you're left with love, that is the only thing that will keep you together... right?
Grey said…
Beauty is just skin deep .... what matters is the heart ... eitherway Diamonds are found in the rough ... gnome what i am saying?
Soul said…
Respect and
Understanding are the basic things to look for.

Love is something which will happen only after living under one roof.

Rest everything matters less in a long run for a generally happy married life.

~ Soul

P.S: A Man who respects woman for the essence of a woman itself is genuine.
Zi-One said…
1) abiih 6weel,, feeni 3u8da men elg9ar ...
2) mo '6roori ykoon 7eloo bs y3nii mabii wa7ed jaikar y5areblii nasl el 3aylaa ;p
3) 5aloo8 oo mo7taram
4) yu3tamad 3laih
5) ma yet9ana3 oo yetfalsaf
6) yofa'6al ena ykoon asmr menii bs lo abya'6 meni ma 3laih ;p lool
7) ma7eb el romanseya el zayda ,, y3ni ybayenli ena mehtam eb 6uro8 thanya mabi kalam 7ub oo '3aram 24 hours lool
8) ma ykoon malee8 ,, a7eb 5efat el dam lool

mmmmmm oo bs ... knt metwa83a agool akthr men 10 bs madri shno abi b3ad ... wallah eni 8anoo3a lool ;p

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