Sue Me Now...

Shosho: hey did you get Karan Johar's permission before using his show title :P?? when your mum said she found a girl she liked and you went off to see her.. What happened?

@mu: This is not Karan Johar.. This is Amu :PpP I never went to see her as I am not prepared for it. I feel going and seeing a girl then saying no for no reason will make her feel bad.

Hamitaf: What's your star sign?

@mu: You could have read that in my profile :) I am Leo.

Cat: who do u miss the most?

@mu: I miss my childhood days.

Maya: Can i have juice instead?What is the one thing you would do to change the world? What's your most embarrassing moment? Ever farted and been heard in public? How many kids do you want? What do you want to name em?

@mu: no only tea or coffee! I would be a better person so people look at me and change them self. mmm I dont recall any now. I would prefer 2 kids but let me get married first and their names will be decided by both me and her.

ge&b: when u said you speak four languages?! what's the fourth?

@mu: well I speak English, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi

ra-1: The best compliment you have ever received? Which day would you love to live again? What would you like to change about yourself?

@mu: compliment mmm ... 3amoor mashallah you are very smart. The day I get married to the right person. I would like to be a better person I accept all kind of criticism and always look at them in a way to improve my self.

ms.d: where do u like to hide when u feel down?

@mu: I am very sensitive and often end up in tears which I hardly show. I usually hide in my blanket.

bbq8: what makes you, YOU?

@mu: sure you can have it hot mate :D I am not me without my family. Even though I have broken apart from them in past years but still I feel I am incomplete without them.

intlxpatr: What do you drive? Do you dress traditionally? Western? What kind of family activities does your family do for fun? Name five things you like about your Mother.

@mu: I have changed 3 cars in the last 5 years. At present I am driving a Toyota Yaris as its very easy to maintain considering that I drive 5000KM every month. I dress more western. Only on certain occasion I dress traditionally. Well we used to go out to the desert for picnics, beaches and traveling together but not anymore. There are more than 5 things I like about her but here are 5 most important ones..seeing her coming from a very conservative family she is still very understanding. She loves me the most in my family. She cooks the best. When I look around at others and see my self I am good today cuz she raised me well. She is more intelligent than what my dad thinks about her. I love you yumma.

big pearls: the worst moment in ur life?

@mu: When I was on the phone and asked her not to hang up..she entered the hospital... went up the list and opened the room door then screamed and cried. Her mother passed away. Allah yer7ama.

sis4you: When r u MOVING?

@mu: just don't know what to say you!!

Anonymous: What made you start this blog? And why are you so lonely...?

@mu: When my ex started ignoring me and I kept on getting hurt every day my friend Nunu introduced me to the world of blogging. At first it was only Z district and 248am that I used to read everyday then I started commenting and then one day Amu popped up :D mmm one person meant the world to me I left family and friends for her so when she left I have no one to share my deepest sorrows el7emdella for everything I have now.

hassan.b: Why do you like corvette?:S

@mu: A corvette Z06 costs nearly KD27000. Its a great car with nice acceleration. I am not willing to spend Kd70000 on a Ferrari, so for this price this is the best car and can beat a Ferrari too.

fourme: Why haven't you contacted your ex yet?

@mu: I gave her signs that I am there for her she never looked back at me and going back to her will just make her feel good that I am still alive and crazy in love with her but ME nothing more than more hurt and pain.

anonymous: are you a kuwaiti ? ;p

@mu: does that make any difference :p

grey: If you can go back in time and set one world event and one personal event right... what would it be ?

@mu: World Event - would replace Bush for a better candidate! Personal Event - I wish I never fell in love...I don't regret for it but mate when heart breaks it shakes you more than an earthquake!

oranjina fadidra: who was the anonymous that loved you?

@mu: I found out later that she was a blogger!

pink: lesh t76 a'3aneee dathrah?..chna ga3den b lobby b ma9r ;p

@mu: mmm I love music and as its my blog I usually put the music and songs that I like or if people recommend and I like that song too I put it on there. I havent been to Egypt to know that anyway :PpP

shoush: Wat was ur most recent 'black' lie? Moo chithba baitha. SODA!

@mu: I don't know how you differentiate between a black and white lie!! but the last one I recall was 'I am going out with bloggers to chocolate bar' :D

soul: ur favourite motorcycle plz, and why don't u drink warm drinks?

@mu: mmm I love Japanese bikes, so to be specific I love Honda but my next one is Suzuki Hayabusa 1340 cc and warm drinks cuz I have just never had them from the beginning. I usually get pimples on my tongue if I drink a cup of hot tea at a rare occasion.

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chika said…
oh lord! long lists, some good questions...
No3iK said…
aaawwww too bad i missed it ..

i did a 100 me list ..
i never thoguht i could pull it off but i did!! and it was fast @@

urs is more garga :p but it tells more about u as a person than just info.

too bad i missed out ..
Big Pearls said…
I enjoyed reading ur answers:)
intlxpatr said…
Very brave, Amu, very honest. We all know you better.
Missy said…
;) aywaa el Leo!! ahaha a9lan Leos rock :p a7ssan nas ohma!
Navy Girl said…
shenooo taby al7eeen i ask you a Question 3jeeeb :P
Hamitaf La B. said…
I have asked everyone about their star sign... so it was only fair to ask you too... :pPp 3ashan you don't feel left out... ;)
pink said…
ur taste of music is nice bs knt ga3da a6frik :P
Soul said…
i felt sad! i didn't know about ur X! it's sooo touching.

inshllah everything is gonna be ok.

i like the music by the way o ba7e6 music player nafsek ;p
kella met2a5er said…

I like the idea of this post..I might do it later on, cool post amu =)
Enigma said…
Some very good questions and answers there.. A man went to visit a girl's house to propose, then called and said mako naseeb. The girl was very beautiful and smart and have a good reputation (I know her closely), so it was a shock and a huge blow to her self esteem. It's great that u are being thoughtful and not selfish, some men are asses and just want to shut their mums up
:::ShoSho::: said…
hehehe Karan will sue you now :P Good point I agree on your answer..
TOUCHE' said…
Those are some good questions with better answers. Better than what I’ve seen on other blogs.

I don’t know, but they felt sincere, caring and with a genuine desire to know the person behind the nick name. I enjoyed it a lot.

Good Job.

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