Phone Use Ban

Hold Your Calls,
Save Your Life


'Phone Use Ban
While Driving' Law

Takes Effect
May 1st, 2008

Days Remaining
23 Days

Regards of MOI

What do you think about this campaign? Will it help stop accidents on the road? Are you guys happy about it? Will you abide by this law or break it? - I personally think its a very good start and I will use handsfree kit when necessary. I have seen most of the people using phones while driving and they don't care about others on the road. Its like phone on your ears make one go out of senses.


Deema said…
i enjoy driving, and i really hate it when someone calls while so.. but the problem is when my parents call, so i usually call them before entering the car and tell them not to call coz i am in my way.
Enigma said…
I totally agree with it, and I really hope they strictly reinforce it.
Grey said…
Dont worry man ! isnt there a law that forbids women from working after 8pm , any one cares? same goes to the phone law ... just hue and cry and every one will forget after a while
Missy said…
hehe a7na emsween hal law b3d min gbl el9aif maybe. ;p it's good. bas some people still use their mobiles while driving *rolling eyes* hehe :$

bas awal ayaam they were strict and police would stop you and give u a ticket bas al7een madri y3nee i used my mobile a few times and the police car was next to me n the traffic, maswali shay! ;p
:::ShoSho::: said…
ّابي بس اشوف الكل يتعاقب و ما يطوفونا بالواسطه او علشان اسم العايله
Big Pearls said…
It's a good law..bas in q8??!! I don't think laws are laws!
Anonymous said…
deema: you are a careful driver, unfortunately I am not :/

enigma: I hope too!

grey: well if we care then others will lets start with us first!

missy: lets hope that things get better!!

shosho: I hope to see some good changes too..btw wassup with you commenting in arabic today? :P

big pearls: I know here laws are meant to be broken but lets see how they enforce this one :)
Ansam said…
I am totally with it... I use headset all the time when I am driving anyway! I hate to see people texting and driving or holding the phone! Its dangerous!
Navy Girl said…
dont like it .. yet i think its better this way .. people here talk on the phone and drive like maniacs !!!
Kaileena said…
Missy said…
amuuuuuu :@:@:@ they just give me a ticket!! :@:@:@ choof el coincidence mo5alfty was 3ala share3 el kuwait!!!!!! 9akaitni eb 3ain a3oootho bellaaaah! :p
:::ShoSho::: said…
LooooooL 7arakaat.
LoL no i was typing in Arabic and then was too tired to switch the lang..
Anonymous said…
They seem to be serious, but . . .you know the fine is 5KD. Kind of a mixed message.

It's dangerous. It's distracting. And as a person who frequently has hilarious passenters in her car, I know that there are other equally dangerous behaviors out there. If they can eliminate just this one factor - the distraction of talking on the cell phone - maybe they can focus on speeding next?

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