Aby Facebook...

I never used to like kids till sis4you delivered cutest and sweetest baby 3 years back. I just love my neice. She is so adorable and naughty. At times I see my self in her. I used to be naughty like her and guess what she has a bf named Hussain in her school. According to the teacher they both hold hands in hand and sit with each other all day. Kids and their cute love.

The other day sis4you was showing my niece some funny laughter baby videos from you tube and facebook while I was having dinner. so this is how the conversation went.

Amu: Which videos are you showing her?
Sis4you: the ones you added on your facebook account.
Amna: *is nagging about some video she wants her mom to show her*
Sis4you: Wait Amna! I am trying to find that video.
Amna: *silence for a second* aby facebook mama aby facebook.

Me and sis looked at her face and couldn't stop laughing.

Kids these days are really smart they pick up every thing you say in front of them. They really take us away from our hectic life if we spend few minutes with them everyday.

Sometimes looking at her I say I want to get married just for the heck of having a cute baby.


Ra-1 said…
Hehhe cute mashaAllah :)
Ansam said…
What if you get married and end up with hmmmm a not-so-cute baby!
..::Amu::.. said…
ra-1: thanks :*

Ansam: A baby is a baby and when he/she is your child the baby is always cute in your eye..I wouldn't mind!
Cat said…
ohhh how cute !

i want a kid tooooo :)
Big Pearls said…
ya7lailha cute:)
3a6ooha facebook o add hsain in her account ;p
Ge6awEe said…
smilah 3aleeha cute! nafs my baby bro.
bas believe me, when you think about your hip-bone widening, ur cervix dilating, and a baby's head cumin out.. u'd reconsider lol..
powder said…
loooool everybody wants facebook , even babies :P tsk tsk
FourMe said…
lool at 3 facebook and bf, at 4 wants a car, at 5 wants to move out, at 6 living with the bf, at 7 married, at 8 pregnant, at 9 has a kid, at 10 divorced the husband and moved back with the parents with a child and just in time to graduate from ebtda'ey ..
kella met2a5er said…
LoooL, 5osh min al7een face book....ya m3awwad la t5arboon elbnayya ;p

Hussoon shocks me sometimes when he uses the internet, how he can find his little games, and figure out how to play..I mean the boy used to play GTA since he was 3 years old mashalla!!

Sometimes I think bro7y, gabul lamma kent in his age, ana o my brother and 3yal 5alty..a7es kena a`3beyaaaaaa2, thoolaaaaaN..ma nfham shy, o kenna mlaaqaaaaaa, LoooL

bas elyahhal halyoumein, mashallah =)

Allah ye5alleeha lekom o neshoofik obow ya amu ;p
..::Amu::.. said…
cat: you have one we will share :P

amethyst, big pearls, orangina: she is sooo adorable!

ge6awee: now you are scaring me :P

powder: tsk tsk :PpP

fourme: I hope not!!!

Kella met2a5er: we didnt do any thing the girl is learning her self :D mashallah Husson is a smart boy...or shall I say like father like son :P

wallah I guess I didnt knew what girl was when i was 6 :P these days kids no way more than what they should know...mashallah they are clever!

and let me get married first before I can be a father :) btw how is biking going?
SouS said…
haha, well my sis also needed facebook, or we thought she did, so we started a group for her on facebook, where people leave her msgs, and talk to her, and we add pictures of her, and her progress and everyone can stay updated, your niece sounds adorable, and very mature...:P
just be careful what you say round her.. so she doesnt pick up anything she shouldnt!
Missy said…
I used to hate kids! like seriously HATE them! I only loved CUTE newborns.. bas now I LOVE THEMMMMM. can't w8 to have my own! lol ;p

off topic.
I took a 'nap' and woke up @ 3 am! lol :S
Missy said…
waiiiinnn chatboxyyyy!
falantan said…
Babies are awsome, my 9 months baby girl just learned ams to play "daayyy" with me. she puts her hand over her eye and closes both eyes (so she thinks she doesn't see me), then suddenly removes it and says "daaayyy" lol
sis4you said…
jeez thanks bro for a post on moon...
but she's sick again:(
Judy Abbot said…
allah yekhaleeha lokom.
..::Amu::.. said…
sous: nice idea to start a group :) she is being famous :P

missy: ask dad aby husband :P he will get you one too :D - the c box has been removed for good :)

falantan: ya7lailha .. kids learn so quickly these days.

sis4you: I hope she gets well soon!

judy abbot: thanks :) welcome home!
Grey said…
Baby sit mine for a week and you will change your mind ... But hey ! you are right ! baby's are cute you should have some, no need to get married for that !
..::Amu::.. said…
grey: adoption mate :P
Missy said…
hahahah *slaps*
esh-good-a! rj3ah =(
kella met2a5er said…
Amu...wullah eljaw in the night maynooooooon, and Im trying to catch the time when NoNoWa and the baby sleeping, to ride..last time was yesterday 11.00Am..man the weather was nice, and the streets wasn`t crowded..it was ok ride ya3ny not that bad..

Elmoshkilla enny halyoumein 7ady shayesh aby Ducaty or hayabusa, and nonowa tring to convince me to make ky bike a chopper instead or get the v-rod...I`ve been riding my brothers cbr 1000, and Im liking it!! Dude..its really nice 9ra7a @@
..::Amu::.. said…
kella met2a5er: I know the weather is just great! so its the best time to make use of it till the heat strikes us!

btw I would suggest don't get a Ducati...Japanese bikes are the best so go for the new CBR1000 that will be out in the showroom end of this month or the hayabusa in June :) just a suggestion! I am not into cruisers so cant advice you on that :P
kella met2a5er said…
I think the hayabusa already there in suzuki showroom, I didnt see it, they told me the same last time I was there, that its gona be available in june, but..I guess they didnt wait, hehe

CBR1000, I think the look foor 2008 wil be a little different, my brothers bike 2007..its cool though..

Now what about the Ducati, what is wrong with it, it looks cool, amazing stability when you attack sharp curves at high speed, light waight, v-twin engine, and like what I heard..its like you are riding a porsche, compare to the jap bikes!! But if you know anything about more about it, tell me..

Cuz the maneger of tristar offered me a 20% discount, and test drive any bike in bike in the showroom, so I can pic what I want to bye! And I got the same offer from ja3far behbehani plus taking my bike too as a down payment!! A killer deal if you ask me dude..
OutOfReach said…
cute cute cute :)
..::Amu::.. said…
kella met2a5er: I went there and they said they dont have it in stock!

cbr 1000 2008 looks really nice...I had the 2007 limited edition the one i sold...

there is nothing wrong with Ducati but first thing Tristar is expensive when it comes up to maintaining their motorcycles...so if you are ok with the maintenance and there is no resale value for Ducati so just keep those two points in mind...rest its a beautiful machine!

out of reach: welcome back..where did u go?
:::ShoSho::: said…
LooL soo cute! oh yeah you cant lie to kids.. they know everything..
TOUCHE' said…
That’s the great temptation.

On another note, the smile on your mom’s face while seeing her grandkids is priceless, makes you want to have babies right away.

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