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We got this new intern at work today...Well she is not really a fresh graduate as she graduated 7 years back. She is with us for a months training. In the morning when I first met her and introduced my self I felt as if she is related to a person I know.

Later on in the day by the end of work I couldn't hold on to my excitement to know if she is related to that person or no. So I went to her office and asked her are you related to ..........? she replied NO. And then a flow of talks started and she told me she is an orphan adopted by a Kuwaiti father and German mother when she was two years old. She told me that both her parents passed away and she doesn't know anything about her real parents as she always felt that asking about her real parents would hurt her parents who have adopted her. After her parents have passed away none of her family wants her and she is all alone.

I could see so much sadness in her eyes. I know this as a fact that a womens heart is very strong and she often doesn't lets the deepest secrets in her heart out and by telling me all this she must be really feeling lonely to let it all out. I wanted to comfort her but I just didn't have words to say.

This all hit me like a needle and since I left work I feel sad. I just have so many things in my mind but no words to write. I am sensitive and I know it will take me sometime now to get over it.


Desert-Roses said…
I dont know why I always feel
like I wanna leave a smile when I read ur blog

Q8GeeK said…
give her chocolate every morning!!!! that helps... well it helps me
Big Pearls said…
oooh it is a sad story..just try to be a friend.
Ansam said…
I think I know her! I think I met her in Colorado!!! Not sure if shes the same girl!

One of my friend was talking to me on G Chat yesterday and asked me if my sister works in the same company (with her) and I answered yes, she started laughing she thinks we are TWINS hehehehe
intlxpatr said…
I agree with Big Pearls - that woman needs a friend. I understand that being an orphan in Kuwait is something . . . something terrible, lacking family, lacking connections. No wonder you felt sad! You'd have to be heartless not to feel compassion for her situation.
kella met2a5er said…
Ee sh7agga ettileigaf ya3ny, shako rayi7 7ag elbnayya in the first place o 9ayir malgoof, o mo gadir tan6ir a5ir eldawam..maskeena!!

Amu, you should talk to her now, since you made elmwaji3 o el2a7zaan come up, and try to make her feel better, bas la tetlazzag pro Bro, you are in dwam =)

One month exactly.. "hayabusa" will be available...write about that, LoL
Amethyst said…

I can't imagine the hurt she's going through everyday..
Navy Girl said…
3ala golat KM .. bala lgafa :P
Ge6awEe said…
that must be the worst feeling on earth, nut knowing where you belong, o having no one.
she needs a friend right now, someone to talk to.

btw, by blog URL changed, I don't know whats wrong with the other one, faj2a my blog turned into a porn site. anyway this is the new one:
..::Amu::.. said…
dr: thanks :)

q8geek: will try that soon...

big pearls: it is...

ansam: mmm maybe!!!

intlxpatr: but I noticed today that she is very strong...

KM: Oh thank you...blame me :P what else? I think I should have gone to her by the end of the day and asked her to drop her home :PpP

haa which bike are you going for??

amethyst: Its sad!!

navy girl: :ppPp

ge6awee: I changed it yesterday...I realized that it changed :) thanks for sharing it!!
kella met2a5er said…
I think Im gonna Goldwing it dude, I cant be a hayabuser..Im more of a goldwinger Dude ;p
Ansam said…
I think I saw her yesterday too at P2BK
ماهي دعايه ..

ولاهو تصريح ..

اهي .. كلمة حق

بقلم / شباب الكويت

عطها من وقتك دقايق ..

وجانها عجبتك ..

انشر ولك الاجر .. ان شاء الله
ماهي دعايه ..

ولاهو تصريح ..

اهي .. كلمة حق

بقلم / شباب الكويت

عطها من وقتك دقايق ..

وجانها عجبتك ..

انشر ولك الاجر .. ان شاء الله
vogue said…
awh thats so sad:/
Yara said…
omg i cant imagine kelish what she is going through... so so sad
Grey said…
Made me sad too ,,, but Jiska koyi nahi uska KUDHA hai ... Thats life , some are blessed some aren't.
I bet she felt a lot better after talking to you. Sometimes all a person needs is friend who would listen. You didn't need to say anything; the fact that you patiently listened helped her in more ways than you could imagine
Vixen said…
I'm sure she's a strong person, despite what she went through. I do believe that what can't kill you makes you stronger.
ZaMaHReeR said…
Hey amu!! :)
thats really sad, she had must been through alot of hard time :/
you don't have to say or do anything, just be a good friend, I think she needs a friend to talk to.
Allah ysa3idha oo ys3idha inshalla
Ms. D said…
i guess shes a liar and shes seeking attention!

who in their right mind would ever open up to a total stranger and especially at work... where u earn ur living!

dont get upset over such person..
Missy said…
lol some people are just so (hmm madri whats the right word). how could she tell u all that when she doesn't even know you? ;\
Glitter said…

Be her friend,
bs mo etmassikh'ha,
coz girls in distress kinda hold on to anyone who shows them abit of kindness!
ammaro said…
wow, having your parents is always something we took for granted... really strange to think that there is a possibility of not knowing the real people who brought you to this world...
ammaro said…
wow, having your parents is always something we took for granted... really strange to think that there is a possibility of not knowing the real people who brought you to this world...
Long time no post...where r u? :D
zainoba said…
That story touched me, Im grateful to have my parents El7amdullilah!

But dont you think its strange to open up such a conversation to a total stranger..anyway just be careful:)
Q8-MaNaL said…
امبيه قصتها نفس قصص الافلام
حدها تعور القلب
الله يعينها والله
ZaMaHReeR said…
where did u go mate?! ;/
come back man!
Soul said…
Amu why not introduce her to your friends and involve her in your circle.

Invite her to your blog.
Make her participate.

This is not going to make her any less lonely internally, however, she will tend to come out of her gloomy thoughts for a while.

Try to be friends only.
Dont get attached as its very prone for a guy like you to tend to like her for her plight.

Keep it cool dude.

~ Soul
Evil Knievel said…
If she is the one that I think, she is one of the most impressive people I have met in Kuwait so far!
Strong, sensisitive, caring, charming and fucking funny! :)
Kuwait is such a small country ... hehe ... :)
Anonymous said… random is this, what are the chances that someone will blog about you -its a small world after all...
Ansam- yes it is me!!!
Peoples peoples (ms. D)- I feel for you guys who worry about someone opening up to a total stranger- you must have been hurt or taken advantage of; being open about my life is just a part of my personality.
And yes- something that doesn't kill you does indeed makes you stronger!!!
Life is totally crazy- you never know whats gonna come your way. Having grown up in a situation as i did - you see things differently than most. I was extremely blessed to be adopted- and by loving parents as well...
altho twice orphaned - there are loads of people around me that care about me and listen to my whining when those days hit me like a ton of bricks!!
All i can say is that you should live each day to the max- tell that person how you really feel, Random Acts of Kindness go a LOOOOONG way, life is too short and precious for grudges and hate. Love your enemy and make a change around yourself. ok ok- i'll get off my soapbox now!!! I must say tho that im extremely flattered that Amu went out of his way to express his feelings. Don't worry Amu- you don't have a problem with words and your heart is bigger than most!!! I am lucky to have you as a friend!!!
..::Amu::.. said…
Anonymous: thanks :)

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