April's Day

Don't be fooled today it another $$$ day and if you were ever fooled share your stories.

Here are the top 100 April Fool's hoaxes of all time.


Anonymous said…

Welcome back, hehe my month is finally here!
..::Amu::.. said…
Anon: thanks :) mmm I am guess its ur Birthday?
Big Pearls said…
I'm not an April Fool Person..I am boring!:p
Cat said…
I know u've been fooled this year :)
Navy Girl said…
i fool people they dont fool me ;P
sis4you said…
ok, I get fooled by ppl, but what's even worse is that I never realise I was fooled unless they tell me they fooled me. (Real Jackass)

My friend kept an electric shot pen in my book. I come back n find it. I ask her, is it urs? She says nop. I say, oh mayb a student forgot her pen in the book. My friend says try it. And i do. I press like twice and then I say it's not working (I didn't realise I was shot). Then I say to my friend, somethings wierd abt it. I press twice more. Then I stare at my hand n press twice more.

My friend takes the pen away n says, stupid it's giving u an electric shot, don't u realise!!!!. By now my hand is really really numb.

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