Clean and Clear

Yesterday after work I went to the barber shop that I usually go to in Keifan. I asked him for a new style and new look.

Guess what I came out with??

A shaved head with a little gutty. It feel so good. No more hassle of gell or wax everyday. But I forgot one thing when I came back home and was having my shower (I used shampoo) :D . I think I will keep this look for the rest of summer.


Grey said…
Amu Taklu ! Amu Taklu !
Missy said…
hehe na3eeeman.. ilgr3an ys5dmon shampoo aw la?
Organic Kuwait said…
u go to the one in kaifan too! my husband goes there and this morning i found out that my sisters husband and my friends hubby go there also! i dont understand why they all go to this busy place i mean u r just guys.. ur new look is a bold head with a goatee for crying out loud LOL
outkasty said…
na3eman, garri3 =p
FourMe said…
agra3 mogare3 6a7 b6aasa yabchy 3ala oma yabi gergashaaa :P Oh sorry that song just comes out unintentionally when I hear the magic word bald!
ZaMaHReeR said…
this is the best look for summer,, but this summer i will spare my hair from razors.
Na3eman amu
ooh! so if you got "zero" hairdo maku shampo?
..::Amu::.. said…
grey: it feel sooo good :P

outofreach: Allah yena3em eb7alch

missy: the shampoo doesnt stays :P

organic: I guess thats the best one in Kuwait. I feel pretty comfortable going there since 2002.

outkasty: grr...say it :P

fourme: hehe...think something better :D

amethyst: thanks..

zamahreer: it is mate.. i feel so relaxed!

oranjina: thats what I forgot :P
kella met2a5er said…
Welcome to my world, I`ve been like that since 1999..I guess

All what I do is change the style of the le7ya..other than that, my head remain BALD, hehe

And yes, you should still use shampoo..even if its feels funny..and useless, its better for the scalp, even if you dont have hair, soap will make it dry..even if you use the best and most expensive kind..

For me, 7awalt a6awil sha3ry sometimes, but once it get 1 or 1.5cm, it bothers me...a7es chenna fe shy `3ala6 foog rasy!! I cant see my head with hair anymore =)

Wait lamma you ride, it feels "PRICELESS"..amazing, LOL

Na3eeman dude =D
Yara said…
na3eeman... i think short hair is a better look on guys... not agra3 0 where ur scalp shines .. but like the military guys... goatee b3ad perfect :) always keep that look... personally ma7b gel o wax o hal swalef on guys
Mirror Polisher said…
hehehe..i once went to a hair saloon and said, "listen, i'm tired, i want a change, a complete makeover, i don't care what you do, i don't care what color you choose, i don't care what style you choose, just dye and cut my hair anyway you like; don't even ask me what i think of it; i'm gonna sit in that chair, close my eyes for a couple of hours and when you are done, wake me up."

The poor hairstylist just stared at me and said ok. Actually it turned out pretty good.

Enjoy your new look amu :D
Arabian lady said…
its good for kuwait's weather , but lat7oshik tharbat shams if ur sensitive

Na3eman :)
..::Amu::.. said…
KM: wow 99 is a long time...I usually shave it once a feels so good and I dont mind keeping it for good :)

yara: I prefer short hair too!

shoush/soul/ansam: Allah yena3m eb7alch

Mirror: thats exactly what I did :D

Arabian Lady: welcome here...I do feel hot and old sometime..I guess I need to get used to it.. :)
Ms. D said…
whata larfly baldy chick u turned out to be ;D
Na3eemaaan!! I wish I could shave my head lol that would be funny ;) Trying my best to grow my hair out, I'm addicted to cutting it.. A kisha would look nice with long hair lol..
:::ShoSho::: said…
lol good for ya.. you know i always imagined you with a shaved head because of the NYC post back then remember?

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