TakE 3

Take 1:
Well I am back but not knowing for how long. For the past seven months my life has been like a roller coaster. And finally they took away the best thing of my life - blogging. My typical life for the past seven months is waking up in the morning at 7am and not entering home before 10pm and that is the reason I don't get enough time for my self. In the morning when I reach work I can blog for a few hours till I get back to the office work and as they have blocked most of the sites there and by the time I come back home I am so exhausted that I don't feel like sitting online and writing a post.

Take 2:
Love - It sucks big time.... I never learn do I? When it comes like a wave in the sea you cant let it go till one day it takes you away and you sink!

Take 3:
The 007's tag: I was tagged by someone I don't recall but hey I am doing it :)

Seven things I plan to do:

1. Give a million in donation.
2. Live a normal life.
3. Be more social.
4. Need to Love once more its never enough.
5. Go to Italy.
6. Be successful in life.
7. Have two sweet kids.

Seven things I can do:

1. I can act well.
2. Have Jhonny Rockets 7 times a week.
3. Pretend that I am active when I am not.
4. Be a good son.
5. Go naughty.
6. Drive fast till you get scared.
7. Dare me and I will do it.

Seven things I can’t do:

1. I can't lie.
2. I cant eat the same meal three times a day.
3. Have a life of my own.
4. Stay awake after midnight.
5. Stop myself from buying something I really like.
6. I can't stop respecting women.
7. I can't stop riding a motorcycle.

Seven things I say the most:

1. Whatever
2. 7mar
3. Give me a break!
4. Sorry (even when I hit an object it just slips out of my mouth)
5. WTF
6. so so so / o ba3ad
7. wainek/wainch

I tag yoU...


ZaMaHReeR said…
Take 1:
the ppl in your work sucks for blocking stuff!

Take 2:
I second u.

Take 3:
your 7's are FUN :)
I loved the speed and motorcycling things :P

P.S keep on posting at least in weekends "if, if u didn't have time during the week days", cuz I love passing by ur blog and reading ur posts while listening to ur music :)
greyshorts said…
wainch ... =P mta bnesma3 3an ''wainch ''
FourMe said…
"Sorry" that's the English side of you :P They tend to teach us manners.. I do the hit the 6oofa thing and say sorry to it :/
OutOfReach said…
lol @ fourme
have a nice day :)
Hamitaf La B. said…
Take 1: blogging at work is a lot of fun :)

Take 2: Love... hmm... never tried it.. don't know what it is :)

Take 3: I did this tag.. its awesome...

Anywho.... you can't stop respecting women... ... wow.. you are one of a kind :)
Soul said…
u can't stop respecting women?
good boy ;p

u can't lie!! u r one in a million!

can't stop riding Mo6orcycles? U ROCK ;)
Anonymous said…
I know I hurt you
I don't ever want to hurt you again
Cuz when I hurt you, it hurts me too
I'm sorry
I love you so much and you know it

intlxpatr said…
I love your choice in music.

Amu, it hurts now, and it feels awful. It's part of life, and you are living a full life. How truly awful it would be to be at the end of your life and never have experienced the lows - without them, you really don't know how good the highs are. You can't really appreciate how good "normal" good health is until you've been really sick, right?

I know it sounds weird, but if you hurt, you are alive. It's better than feeling dead inside.
Missy said…
amuuu I missed ur posts! ;P
Amethyst said…
I love the give a million in donation;D
Mirror Polisher said…
if they haven;t blocked wordpress, switch to wordpress or blog from your email account to your blogspot account. The only thing you won't be able to do is comment on blogspot.

LOVE the Life instruction's pic :D
G and L said…
well arent u just a gentleman.. ;)
..::Amu::.. said…
Zamahreer: thanks mate...I will try to keep posting regularly :)

greyshorts: la wallah :p

fourme: I know its so British!!

outofreach/hamitaf/soul: thanks :)

anonymous: Its ok :) Love you too ..keep smiling and enjoy your trip o Allah yewafgch enshallah...

intlxpatr: thanks for the care :) I always liked everything you have said...

missy: me too please dont run away :P

amethyst: let me save some :P

mirror polisher: welcome back! they blocked everything :s

g and l: ahem ahem if you say so :)
Navy Girl said…
what is it with you and italy ? :D ooo and i can dare you to do anything ???
Grey said…
Sorry about blogging,
Sorry about life
Make the best of it bro... its just taht phase of life ...

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