Where did you get your license from?

When I often say that most women on our streets are worse than bus drivers it is so true. This red car belongs to a women who has been parking her car like this for the past 3 days and when I finally got so pissed off at her today and asked her that whats the reason she simply replied saying 'I don't know how to do reverse parking'.

So if she doesn't know how to do reverse parking:

Where and how did she get her license?
Why the f*** is she practicing here how to do reverse parking?
and on top of all this when someone hits her car she is all like my new car and bla bla bla :@

Its not that she parks in a wrong way but because of her the other 20 cars parked next to her have to suffer.

Moral of the story: Stay safe from WOMEN drivers!!


chika said…
dude... women do it better than men! huh
..::Amu::.. said…
Ya I can tell that from the pic!
Lala* said…
I bet you my life i can drive better that you!
..::Amu::.. said…
lala: I am sure you can drive better in your dreams :P
Princess said…
agool amu its not our fault that the moroor guys dont continuosly fail us in our license test things
GreyShorts said…
Exactly its not our fault that you guys get to drive way earlier than us- taking the drivers car and roaming around the neighborhood - while we learn to drive at 18 and then you slam us for being ghasheema ! And we're not like you guys out on the street 24/7 .
:::ShoSho::: said…
LoL agree with grey Shorts! I mean, the guy who tested me told to go around and then he said stop, you passed?!! Seriously I was like HUH?? He said : What do you want to fail?" I said "errm not really.. " .. and now I don't drive :(
..::Amu::.. said…
princess: well now they do!! you all are early birds when they were not that strict!

greyshorts: Hey driving 24/7 doesnt teaches anyone driving!!!! you need to learn the basic steps even before you take your driving test unless you all are going there with so called 'was6a'..

shosho: Its your mistake you should have been honest to him and said 'Yes fail me', 'I dont know how to drive!' :D
'Grey' said…
lol @ the post but i don't agree with the generalizing of all women being bad drivers , but there are plenty , the problem is with mobile , once i saw a pajero turn turtle infront of Marks&Spencer and amazingingly the lady didn't let the phone go even when she was stuck upside down, some of us guys standing there pushed the car and bought it on wheels, and she was still on the phone, and all the pedestrians had a good laugh at it.

It's not the driving skills its the phone i blame.
intlxpatr said…
I have a parking wall of shame entry for tomorrow, too, Amu - a MAN! Idiocy doesn't seem to be a man or woman thing, just an idiot thing.
Desert-Roses said…
why do you even bother :p


she is funny...
Cat said…

9af6a 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeba !
Canc3riaN said…
I am insulted. You cannot base your judgement on one women or two or ten or even a hundred... still not all women are like that and not even MOST women are like that... !! There are also dumb male drivers just like how there are excellent female drivers. There's good and there's bad in every aspect in life. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST LIVE WITH THIS FACT??

Men "PSYCHOLOGICALLY" believe that they're better than women just cuz they're men...... well guess what?? That's against our religion :P That's my statement on this. Strong excuse huh?
OutOfReach said…
I'm not agood driver and when i'm stressed or sad i'm dangerous :P
Fa6ma said…
Stereotypical. Well, too bad you can't get rid of women driving nana na na naaaa =pPppPpp
Amethyst said…
You're generalizing. Not all women drive like that. Men drive like shit, too.
..::Amu::.. said…
grey: but who is on the phone? 'Women' so they are the reason,hehe

intlxpatr: I will check it tomorrow :)

desert rose: I couldnt take it any more :)

cat: hehe

canc3rian: I am against that :D

outofreach: I wont approach you :P

fa6ma: mmm I wish we could *jokin*

amethyst: well most of them DO!
whoa said…
one woman doesn't represent all women..
you have so much anger these days
you need to seriously chill
..::Amu::.. said…
whoa: Na I am not too angry...but bad is bad!
GE&B said…
it's called creative parking...shoof ita ilzawya feeha faaan.
hamitaf84 said…
I am the worst driver ever... hence I drive in the middle lane between 100 and 110 to avoid any trouble BUT BUT BUT... the only thing I can do superbly is park reverse, parallel and get my car out of sticky situations... :D:D:D:D reason for that: Khaldiya Campus lool
Ra-1 said…
eshfeeha e9af6a? 3adeyya :/
G and L said…
amu!!! Sexism! Sexism I tell u!!:@
Kaileena said…
I second your opinion with all my heart..to be fair, though, thousands of men drive like donkeys on crack! and there are thousands of very superb women drivers! I think if you do a poll..you'd find that the difference between the percentage of bad female and male drivers isn't much if you put the factors that seperate them into consideration.
LOL I went too deep,sorry!
Deema said…
I agree on that

and i am a woman
and with sorrow and pain
i admit

but i know how to do the reverse one ;)
..::Amu::.. said…
g&I: bored of that word :P

deema: thanks :) let me exclude you from that list of women then :D
Ra-1 said…
لا تطوفك صفطتي اليوم
توه واحد يقولي صفطتج عجيبة !
F. said…
Don't generalize...a bad driver is a bad driver...could me man or woman
Fa6ma said…
Oh yeah, if a woman drives bad, it's coz she's a woman.. and if a man drives bad,, well, he's just an ass, right? Let me tell u something, it's all in ur head dude,, coz here in KSA women don't drive and the streets are full of asses. Don't tell me everybody's happy!?
Goes to show,, it's all in ur head =p.. that, and..
na na nanananananaaaaaa =ppPPPppPp

(kidding in the last part =D)
Mirror Polisher said…
oh boy, u pissed off a lot of women here :D :D
TOUCHE' said…
99% of the comments are flames from girls, I wonder why is that? Insecurity? Repulsiveness?

You are treading on a thin slice of ice :)
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just park it normal ..
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