Thursday, February 21, 2008



kella met2a5er said...

Amu!! Walleeeehhhh..eshfeek ba3ad!??

Marra nancy, o marra miryam!!?

kella met2a5er said...

La7thaaaaaaaaa...Kellah met2a5er mo met2a5er halmarra, LooL


Missy said...

haha I love her hair!

Maya // مايا said...

Stop making me cry!

..::Amu::.. said...

nothing...just scrolling back some music and reminded of the old days when this song was a hit...Actually I am confused which one is good for a next date? :D

n btw you being late still keeps you on the top :)

missy: welcome here..I love her hair too..

maya: cry baby cry..need some tissues :p

Maya // مايا said...

nah.. not anymore :P Glad you put "Didi" by Milk&Honey up. Told you its fun :P