Flush ....Damn it!!

I can bare anything in my daily routine except dirty toilets! This is something I am so sensitive to that at times I have driven 30kms back to my house just to use a clean toilet. I have been facing this problem lately every time I enter the toilet at my work its filthy dirty.

People use the damn toilet and why do they leave their shit for others to see. Flush it!! it takes a second. I wonder how can people be so careless that they use public toilets in this way without caring about the person who will come after them to use it.

I have always seen male's using their toilets in bad way!!! At times I have been to ladies toilets too but I would inform the cleaner that the circumstances are beyond my control and the male toilet is extremely dirty.

Do you all face this? Are you as sensitive as I am? What other alternatives do you use?


Hamitaf La B said…
I know! It only takes like five secs to flush... AND... it takes another ten secs to wash ur hands... I hate people who don't wash their hands... GROSS!!
chika said…
I would like to inform that not only males are pigs when it comes to that (not all of course) bas some women are even worse and they don't wash their hands too and they don't flush! some also stink ok!
Big Pearls said…
I hate toilets outside my home!
..::Amu::.. said…
hamitaf: eww I have seen some men not washing their hands too @@

chika: ewww *shivers*

shosho: tell me about it!

big pearls: same is here...welcome here :)
Ansam said…
ok! thats beyond discusting! THANK GOD we have a very clean WCs at work and the cleaning lady keeps checking in every now and then... but ewe! those who dont wash their hands are disgusting!
IT happens to me all the time! i even printed PLEASE DONT FORGET TO FLUSH THE TOILET ! ironically they still forget!

i mean seriously! Bwa3!
sis4you said…
Wel, just a day back I entered a toilet in my school in a hurry when I closed the door and looked around, I was abt to puke.
I ran out n no other toilet being free, had to go to my class.

G and L said…
I know what you mean, I don't face these problems much here since I dont use the toilets except at home. but in london when we used to drive like a gazilion miles, i always hold it cuz the state that the bathroom is in is nauseating! fi3lan we3! Its like people are against hygiene, its disgusting. theres no toilets like the ones at home:P
Zi-One said…
wa3 ;/ allah y3eenek ;p
some people are dirty with no manners what so ever!
its a shame that their taking space and air in our world.
Pinky said…
Aw Sh@t! He he he
I say no to floaters, flush damn it flush!!!
If they won't even have the decency to behave in a public toilet, imagine what they're like at home. Nah, don't. I don't want you dying from an aneurysm here!

Honey.. quite a few women rip farts and bomb China in the toilet. Seriously. Eww is an understatement.
I hate public bathrooms. People are so dirty, a lot of them do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, and to think that they have touched all the stuff that you are probably touching is just disgusting. I mean wain ummy 3anhom! I remember growing up, we had to wash our hands after every trip to the toilet, and be supervised b3ad. Even if we didnt really do anything.

The thought of using public toilets makes me wince ! I mean, I've seen it first hand ! I KNOW that a lot of people choose not to wash their hands ! In camp I room-mated with a few who were like that and it was honestly DISGUSTING. And to be frank, alot of women are disgusting too.
A lot of people may think this seems to OCD-like, but seriously, it isnt. Its COMMON-SENSE to flush the toilet and wash your hands before leaving the bathroom!

Also :
Using Bathtubs/Showers While in Hotels, No Matter How Luxurious Disgust me.
..::Amu::.. said…
bumblebee: next time we need to have someone next to the toilets with a poster in hand reminding every person when they enter in :P

pinky: lol @ no floaters :D
Navy Girl said…
is that like the BATHROOM DAY today or what ???? @@ everyone is talking about this !!! but hey still its GROSS !!!! EWWWWWWWW !!
Grey said…
Men are dogs when it comes to public toilets, where i work its worse, even dogs are better at times i guess, so i have this setting with the desi, they keep the mowakeen bathroom closed all the time, 100fills and he gives me a clean bathroom, i know i am not suppose to use handicap bathroom...but i dont have a choice, and some sick fucks urinate over the cleenex ,
kella met2a5er said…
Man, I know what are you talking about, Im like..

KM:Hey bu flan, ana broo7 atrayyag, tby shay..9amoona, 39eer ayshy?

Bu flan: la ya Bu.Hussain, bel3afya bas la te6awel, 3shan I dont know what to say if the boss asked about you!!

KM: la la t5af ma a6awel, ehnee, elma63am elly yamna, wela far3 eljam3eyya..

KM ydeg syyarta self, or the bike sometimes, Driving back home..eat breakfast with nonowa..use the bathroom, read newspaper..then head back to dwam..

Bu flan: where are you, 6awwalt?

KM: wulla my brother came to eat breakfast with me, we were in the car, eshfeek ent, ma sheftna?

Bu flan:!!!!! @@ ok

6ab3an, most of the times, mako breakfast..bas bathroom duty, LoL

I hate the bathrooms in dwam..its exactly how you descriped it, bas e7na 3endena elbanghalyeen ye`3asloon ema3eenhom and the tea cups fog el"toilet"..leteraly..6ab3an ba3ad ma ye5ali9 she`3la!!!

Can you beat this one!?? LoL
Shoush said…
It is a sensitive issue 6ab3an. Ya3ni being in contact with other ppl's waste.. is there anything more disgusting?!

Am sure the men toilet is much worse than the womens, but i've seen some DIRTY and SMEEEEEEELLY toilets that i'd rather pee in my pants than go in and use them. Usually they're not that bad, il7imdila. But still, one must be careful.

That's y i alway hav anti-bacteria in my bag. CANNOT live without it. Especially in public toilets, and after the bus.. metro.. filthy places.
..::Amu::.. said…
Kella Met2a5er: loooooool... I can't beat this :)We have the Bangladeshi guys too but they clean it and someone comes to mess it up again! one day bu flan is gonna follow u and that day u better speed up so he looses his way :P

shoush: I carry the anti bacteria in my car too!
powder said…
yuck , same thing happens in woman's toilets with theire kids n all n the pampers , weee3 , such a bad view
Mirror Polisher said…
The smell irritate me much more than the sight :( :(

If i were an inventor i would invent portable bathrooms :D. Think about it, it would be in huge demand
falantan said…
I agree with you, but what I sometimes am forced to do is I just pull up my dishdasha o atwaizar, then take the water hose and PSHHHHHHHHHH I clean the whole thing.

Clean il'a5thar welyabes. no discrimination. FULL NUKAGE.
Amethyst said…
I don't use any bathroom besides the one in my room..
TOUCHE' said…
Nothing beats your own home bathroom.

Throw a pack of toilet seat covers in your messenger bag and you are set to go for emergencies.
Even if I needed it and tried I wouldn't be able to use a public toilet.. I usually drive home to use the bathroom or a friends house and if it isnt my bathroom I'll clean the toilet seat with a tissue, water and soap then put hand disefectant on tissue and wipe it down and wait for it to dry.. I dont think ANYONE is as bad as me... lol
Hey, when I gotta go, I gotta go. Um, I use tons of toilet paper to line the seat, uh huh!

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