Riddle - Can you answer it?

The man who invented it doesn't want it.

The man who bought it doesn't need it.

The man who needs it doesn't know it.

What is it?

Answer: A Coffin


Mirror Polisher said…
What, no prize????? you gotta give a prize away :D
..::Amu::.. said…
mirror polisher: Ok if you answer it right u get a gift :P (ONLY YOU) :D
Ansam said…
shako! 7etta hnee wasta!
I answered first!!!!
..::Amu::.. said…
Ansam : you get more sushi :D
falantan said…
hehe ilmeshkela inna it sounds like almost anything :)
BLaSha said…
A coffin

like the music here... what's it called??
..::Amu::.. said…
falantan: I was guessing the same too when I came across this riddle :)

blasha: its called 'Jodha Akbar'.
Mirror Polisher said…
Yipeeeeee...so what the prize?...one of those cars ;p ;p

But to be fair amu, let me share it with ansam since she answered first :D

So Ansam, that's one car for me and one car for you. I'll take the Mazda, which one do you want? :D :D
..::Amu::.. said…
mirror: for you I will find a hubby :D..Ansam will get sushi,hehe but answer right first?? its still wrong!
Mirror Polisher said…
you mean having a hubby is more practical than a car? ;p ;p

LOL..u r right i haven't even answered the riddle yet and i am negotiation over the prize. :D :D

Well, a student told me this riddle a while back and the answer was a coffin or a shroud
Kaileena said…
This riddle is beyond my brain capacity..
*opens Zelda on DS*
Ansam said…
I will say Casket as a bonus answer! everybody said coffin! LOL

Mirror Polisher-
I want the FJ Cruiser hehehehe
AND sushi!
..::Amu::.. said…
mirror: yes it is :P u need one desperately you are throwing yourself , lool

kaileena: its not that difficult :)

Ansam: no you said it first u cant change it :p and u wont be right so u wont get the sushi... let me get FJ first to give u a ride in it :)

maya: You are the winner!!! :D
GreyShorts said…
A coffin ! I did not google it .
Ansam said…
coffin! Casket... potayto potaatoo
My friend! I win! Like it or not!
I want my sushi and FJ Cruiser!
Amethyst said…
It can't be a wife. You can't invent/buy a wife!
..::Amu::.. said…
Ansam IF IF IF you win you just get a sushi o bs!! I decide the gift :p

amethyst: yes ur right!! :p
Mirror Polisher said…
hooooooooold on a sec...who is throwing themselves????

Stop being so stingy, me and Ansam got it right and we want our cars!!! :D :D...oh and add some sushi to Ansam's gift as well.

Oh, and i just see that greyshorts got it right as well so you have to give away that Lumina to him/her.

By the way, I'll take my car in silver thank you very much :D :D
..::Amu::.. said…
mirror: *hold me I am throwing my self on u* lool

you get nothing :P
kella met2a5er said…
Slamon 3alaykom....

Ha shessalfa, ashoof 9ayra nejra 3endekom ehnee!! 3asa ma shar =)
Amethyst: You can too! That's what most of these men do- customize their wives in accordance to their tastes! And you can't buy? Oh honey.. I currently go for 10000000000000KD. Lol. Ok, that was sick but you know what I mean. Icky dowries and stuff.
Ps. 3mu: You and I have some issues to sort out. What's with the freggin poll?! I'm gonna make falafel outta ya'! Grrr!!!
Pss. You ain't getting yourself no car and you ain't doing no cruising! Go back home to your imaginary wifey and help your imaginary kids with their homework!

Btw. Got any cucumber sushis? When are you gonna fill my tummy with them, huh? Don't forget brownies, loads of choc cake and Ben & Jerry's choc chip coockie dough and choc fudge brownie. While you're at it, don't forget the licorice flavored (black) jellybeans :P Ohh and and and a large, yummy stuffed crust pizza. Mashed potatoes, onion rings and coleslaw = heavenily! Come on.. keep that food coming. Your Mayo has a figure to maintain :P

Hehehehehehe. :DDDDDDDD

OMGGGGGGG I'm freggin hyperrrrrrr!!!
..::Amu::.. said…
kella met2a5er: wolaikom Sallam :) no no I have closed the shop...I am not giving out any car :D

Maya: shhhhhssshhhhh
Soul said…

McDonalds invented it but doesnt want it because its gonna kill him one day.

Some fat bugger got it even when he doesnt need it, just for the sake of eating junk, when plain water is what was needful and sufficient.

And somalians who actually need it to put on some fat, dont actually know what it is !!

So, can i conclude that COFFIN = JUNK FOOD ??

~ Soul
G and L said…
Tell us the answer bsr3a I'm wracking my brains for it and it's not fun!
Shoush said…
Hmmm. Wala madri. This sucks. Wat's the answer?
:::ShoSho::: said…
Ok what's with death posts?? Shoush and now you.. ???
:::ShoSho::: said…
Hey you have word verification?!! *pissed off*

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