Its A Small World...

How true it is when people say that this is a small world?

I think it is so can never say good bye to anyone for good...

In the past few months I have come across people who left me all of a sudden and then came back to me apologising and saying that they regret to loose me as a friend and they want me back as a good friend. All these small incidents made me feel that one day I will get an answer from my ex that why did she leave me all of a sudden without a bye. All these things gave me a ray of hope that people who I didn't knew for long liked me as a friend so much then what about the girl I have cared and loved for 5 years.

And something again happened today afternoon. I found out that my best friend who is also a blogger is her best friend too. I never knew this before. I am so sad all of a sudden. I don't know what to do!! Shall I ask this friend how she is? or keeping her privacy in mind that this friend doesn't know about me and my ex I should be quiet? Its just touched me badly...


chika said…
I need to tell you one thing at this point, yes it's a small world and we are all connected in a way or another.. having said that, do not ask about the girl although I could tell you spoke about her with that friend of yours, that's how you came to know about the connection.

Now, if that friend is a girl, she might go tell your x that you are asking / talking about her and that for a man is not good!

EL SATER ya ebny!

Thank you accepting this comment with an opened heart and go to sleep or to Avenues with you know who!
GreyShorts said…
Why bother ? It's over isn't it ? You're thinking of getting married right ?
GE&B said…
This is the point where you have to make a decision to move forward with your life or not.

Regardless of what you choose you shouldn't ask the friend. You're going to iftha7 the girl. It's unfair for her and it isn't your right either. It's the girl's prerogative to tell her friends not yours.

If you choose to dote on it a little more then maybe you shouldn't be thinking of getting involved with people just yet.

Just a thought.
Mirror Polisher said…
Looks like u didn't get your closure. Here's my 2 cents:

Don't get married without getting your closure with your ex. It's not fair to your future wife.

I'm not saying get in touch with her or tell your blogger friend about your past relationship, but find a way to get the answers to questions you have or you will now find peace.
Mirror Polisher said…
correct: will 'never' find peace
Cat said…
dont amu ! u will heart ur slef chethy !
:::ShoSho::: said…
You know. I have never been apologized to.. that's so nice of them to do that..

and DON'T ask, you will open doors again :(

Why is life so hard? :( I so wife I was a five year old!
'Grey' said…
Closure is a must ! You must know what went wrong , but please , don't take chances, you will end up wounded even bad than the first time. Just close the chapter in a good way and move in to a new life.

Remember world is really small, make sure that you tell everything about your past to your would be wife, you don't want to get caught in the middle if she is reading your blog already ....
OutOfReach said…
uhh i know how hard this is you know a friend of mine went through the same lately he end up hating the one he used to love and feeling sorry for wasting his time on what he thought it was love !!! i'm not telling it will be the same for you !! ,,, but if it makes you feel better you should find out what happened even though it will hurt you ,,,
I hope you can find your peace
best wishes
Enigma said…
black :(

someone mentioned the word closure.. i think that's the biggest problem u have, u didn't get your closure. you are not letting things go.. you will forget her once you meet a girl that is right for you, believe me. as for her, don't ask about her.
Deema said…
well it is nice to know that the world is small, but the better i know its measurements the better i know how lavish is the living in peace.

if you're over it, get over it. if the world decided to close its circle let it be, but don't bother to close the circle of the world yourself. because there will be lots of objections that you will lose control of.

in short, i think you should say nothing o rayye7 balik.
Navy Girl said…
wow !! world is really small ha !! mashala !!!

dont jump into any conclusions , maybe you need to talk to that friend and see if she knows or not .. sometimes its a real coincidence ..

how many times did i tell you to forget about this whole thing .. wala its the best thing to do amu :)
FourMe said…
You need closure, without it you will never move on, I say try to get it with out hurting the girls rep.. but defiantly get it.. not only you need it but you deserve to know what went wrong..
Kaileena said…
In my opinion I think that's a bad idea..because you would feel horrible later on for becoming that sort of person, and that would never be closure, more like desperation and holding on to something that's already gone =s
If there is hope in rekindling your romance, it must come from her since she's the one who ended it, any action from your part has a negative effect now.

You need closure and that comes from within you, it doesn't always require the other party, actually the good closures are done without them. It is hard and needs alot of endurance but you must let your head take over your heart, not the opposite.
kella met2a5er said…
Waleeeeeeh, wullah salfa!!
:::ShoSho::: said…
LoL I meant I so wish I was a 5 year old.. I hate spelling mistakes!!
Anonymous said…
Hmm.. do u want the truth? bedoon mojalamat.. get a life.. u r a grown man.. not a kid. Closure and "love" and these things are just waste of time.. some people in this world simply dont deserve this amount of love and caring.. if you remind urself about her daily, u`ll never get over her..
Man.. i am sorry to tell u this.. but the world is unfair and its reality :) in a more logical sense: not everything you want will happen.. and this relationship of yours, as it seems to me, will never happen. So accept this reality and move on with ur life.. u seem to be a good caring person and there are thousands of women out there waiting.. "The perfect woman" its a myth.. "i will never love a girl this much" also another myth.. from a personal experience i`ll tell u this : i was in a relationship with a girl from 9th grade.. till i graduated from univ.
Anonymous said…
.. more than 8 yrs.. unfortunatly, she got married (not to me).. at the beginning i thought my situation was far so worse than yours.. but the truth just slapped me.. this is life.. and i am currently engaged.. and i never thought that i will be as happy as i am with another person..
Sorry for the long comment.. but the "zibda" life ur moment .. and eventually u will find this "perfect woman" again sooner or later.. but there is a catch.. U MUST ALLOW URSELF TO FIND THIS WOMAN.. Goodluck
..::Amu::.. said…
Anonymous and all the others: Firstly thanks for your comments and care :) I know people don't deserve!! I know that the she wont come back to me for her own good reasons!!! but let me tell you something IT WAS NOT A WASTE OF TIME!!!I enjoyed my life and my time I have spent with her and I always look back at it in a good way...I believed her and I still know this thing that her not giving me a closure there is something that is beyond her control...I cant accept this thing that she is doing all this on purpose!! I never hated her or will hate her she will always be remembered in good words...

I have given my self closure long time back and el7emdella my life is moving on a good track now but there are things that just pop up in life without us wanting them to come which is totally out of my hands.
Pinky said…
Big hugs from Pinky!!
Life is a pain in the bum and just when we think things are sorted in our heads doh! there someone pops up again and yes it does hurt and it does trick your mind and yes it is bloody hard!
Nothing in life is ever a waste of time. Even the most horrible times are learning experiences and you should remember that always!
If I were you I would not mention her or ask your friend how she is, it's just scratching an old wound and until you feel the need not to scratch it anymore it will not heal!
I hope that helped!
F. said…
It is a small world indeed..
My sister studies abroad and she happened to meet a lady who worked with my uncle back here :P cool huh?
It is a small world..
but I honestly think you shouldn't ask, dont let your friend sense that you may know her friend.. Maybe she already knows.. I wont tell you to get closure, I bet you already know you need to.. but it isn't as easy at it sounds. If anything , every step of the way remember .. karamtik. Your dignity, why should the person who left you without and explanation ago have the pleasure in knowing that you still think about her 5 years after you last talked? Once you are ready, you'll get closure but until then, make sure you put urself first. No one deserves ennek et-thel nafsik 3ashanah,not her or any other female bel dinya :)

Whenever you get the urge , to ask about her, rant ! Write a post and just RANT ! It'll make you feel better !

Good luck AMU :)\
and believe me.. this is just temporary ..the day will come when you will go.. Flana who ? Oh her. Because other people would have entered your life by then.. One word.. an ugly .one too ! EL9ABER;p
I just read your comment above, good for you walah :)
Atleast your not living in denial, saying she ruined your life and that you regret every moment you spent with her.

But also..don't put her high up on a pedestal .. saying that she might have ended it for reasons beyond her control. . you dont know that.

but jad ;p Good luck again ;)
NoNoWa said…
WoW!! What a predicament....but I wud say leave the past alone and move forward. Asking about her cud just make you backtrack..and sometimes thats not such a good thing.

Enjoy the memories and the times u spent with her......inside yourself just wish her well...and let it be. Someone better will come along and they wont leave u....I wish u the best of luck :)
Fa6ma said…
I think it's good that you have all those people (bloggers) to share this with, and it'd be engough 'cause you said you had closure. My friend once was talking about her ex, she said: "it'll never go away, but you move on despite that".. I remember her words because in her eyes I saw how she overcame it. It was true, now she's married to another guy and she never been happier. And I agree with anonymous: ("i will never love a girl this much" also another myth..) So true!
Good luck man!
Fa6ma said…
I think it's good that you have all those people (bloggers) to share this with, and it'd be engough 'cause you said you had closure. My friend once was talking about her ex, she said: "it'll never go away, but you move on despite that".. I remember her words because in her eyes I saw how she overcame it. It was true, now she's married to another guy and she never been happier. And I agree with anonymous: ("i will never love a girl this much" also another myth..) So true!
Good luck man!
Shoush said…
For those who hurt u in anyway, repeat after me: 7asbi Allah wani3ma ilwakeel.

It worked for me.
..::Amu::.. said…
Pinky: thanks for the care :D

f: interesting!! its a small world...

bombay: thanks for the luck!

Nonowa: thanks for dropping by...I agree with you enjoy the memories and the time spend with her :)

fa6ma: cheers!

shoush: :)
intlxpatr said…
Don't ask, don't ask, don't ask. Go for a drive. Call a friend. Go get coffee. anything, but don't ask. Don't put the mutual friend in that position, don't put your former love in that position.

We have a crude saying, Amu. Suck it up. Sometimes, it's the only thing you can do.

I believe, as you do, that there is something beyond her control, and if that is true, you don't want to do anything that could put her in any danger. I bet one day you will have your answer, and I also bet . . . it will no longer matter.
TOUCHE' said…
Damn, this is a real predicament.

You are the only one who knows the answer for such question. If you think that you are really over her, then there is no logic into provoking your deep buried emotions and exposing yourself wide open to tremendous agony.

And if you are not and there still hidden hibernated emotions then they are all going to come back to you.

You have no idea how many times such thought crossed my mind and I still don’t know what to do.

May God ease your pain, I feel you my friend.
..::Amu::.. said…
touche: Mate I hope and wish the same for you. We both are in the same boat...I hope you feel better soon...thanks for all your care!
Maze said…
dont bother to ask...its her fault!!

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