I respect women rights!

I respect women!

I respect a mother!

I respect someone's wife!

I respect Feminism!

I respect sisters (but only my real 3 sisters - no space for more)

But don't F****** come and say I am feminist and that is why I hate all men. Don't be stubborn. Don't act like a pervert!!! Damn I hate such women!!!

It feels so good after you let it all out *takes a deep breath*


chika said…
I didn't get you! Ok, you like women right :p
..::Amu::.. said…
Chika: I had an argument with this women who out of no where said 'no doubt I am a feminist and I hate all the men and walked away' FucK her.. I hate stubborn women!! :p
OutOfReach said…
hate all men lol
cant believe her ,,, uhh
b3deen take it easy mo t39eb ebser3a you have to relax :P
m3rsna lazem yrtaa7 7g el big appointment lol
nunu said…
hello there :)
who says feminism is about hating men?! being a feminist is about a woman (or a man) acknowleding women`s rights in this patriarcle world and working towards acheiving them, whether it be by a mother raising her sons to be better men, or any woman being the best humanbeing she can be and contirbuting to this world positivly. this is what i believe in, this is my understanding of "feminism". taking a negative stance against anything in this world will not contribute positivly to its change!

chill mimo. breaaaaath :P and thnx for respecting us, poor women of the world :P
nunu said…
yeah and i forgot one important point: i love my vitamin M! (a.k.a Men)! :P
..::Amu::.. said…
outofreach: lol it seems ur more excited then me about the whole wedding thing :D you are the first one to get the invitation :)

nunu: hiya.. I am chilled nunu..that women just came in a wrong time with a wrong idea! no rich women of the world :) lol @ ur vitamin ! good day with translation..
GreyShorts said…
Pervert ! What did that bitch do/ say to you ?
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the confusing world of feminists...!! Yay for woman's rights, yay for independent women, yay for intelligent women, yay for successful women.. But yay for women who are mothers first because that is a WAAAAY HARDER JOB!!
And if that lady hates men... well.. she can go stick her head in a toilet.. !!
..::Amu::.. said…
greyshorts: I was walking to my office and this bitch was walking in front of me and all of a sudden as she was taking some shit out of her fucking bad a kd20 bill fell down she didnt notice so I walked to her and said excuse me this fell off your purse and she was like NO it didnt. I was like yes it did mayb you dont recall then she thinking that I cant understand English says to herself stupid! I am like excuse me!!! then she goes well Don't you know I am a feminist and thats the reason I hate all men!! I was like WTF I gave that KD20 bill to the cleaner guy and walked away..
..::Amu::.. said…
Hamitaf: welcome here :) she needs to hit her head on the wall!! WTF Feminists...
nunu said…
hahaha! seriously?! that`s what happened?! seriously?! one word: shaaakoooo!
feminist coz of a 20 kd! hahaha
and hey, u know im broke! why didn`t u give it to poor me so i can get my daily starbucks fix :P
..::Amu::.. said…
nunu: Fuck her.. Mayb thats the only word she learned in her life I am a BITCH FEMINIST...

and ya I know you are broke but I guess you have your mother and MiMo if you need daily starbucks fix :)
GreyShorts said…
We should totally go and beat her up and i should be there only because then she wouldn't be all 'you're hitting me because you're a man and I'm a feminist ' and me beating her up will show her who the real feminist is .
nunu said…
3aib mimo, what did we say about swearing! no use of bad launguage:P 3aib :P
Angelo said…
I describe myself as a male feminist myself but sometimes, pro-feminists can be quite irritating.

For example, last year, I was heading to the chemistry building and I noticed a girl walking behind me. I stopped and opened the door to her (you know ladies' first) and she said "I don't need a man like you to suppress my ability to open a F***INK door". I really wanted to hit her but then I said calmly " honey, I wasn't trying to suppress you, I was just trying to be a gentleman. But it seems you are not a lady.
..::Amu::.. said…
greyshorts: let go for it :D

nunu: 3aib 3aib for you me its 3ady!!

angelo: I did you think the right thing! I was figuring out why did she say that!!
'Grey' said…
You gave the twenty KD bill to the Desi? Aww ! thats sweet !

Anyway hate it when you hold the elevator door to a woman and she refuses to take a ride with you ! as if i'm gonna rape her by the time i reach the second floor !
intlxpatr said…
LLOOOLLLLL!! I am totally a feminist, and I LOVE men just fine!

When my husband and I were arranging our marriage, he asked me only 1) never to fix liver and 2) never to wear curlers to bed. I only asked him to give women an equal chance in the workplace. We have both lived up to those special demands. Well, once I wore curlers to bed, but I asked permission to break the rule. And he always says that women are often the BEST employees. Woooo Hoooooo!

I love it when someone holds the door for me. And I also hold doors for men sometimes. We've got to have a sense of humor about all this, don't we?
GE&B said…
I have that t-shirt.
And always hold the door. ALWAYS.

and she's not a feminist. She's a man-hater. big difference.
Noufa said…
Let her hate men. and don't get pissed :P
SHISH said…
i didnt get it :/
bb q8 said…
didn't she say she's a feminist, not you? that's the way i understand your comments?
manutdfanatic said…
lol @ your encounter with that lady in your office!

Feminism is OK, as long as you don't over-do it. Not all men are bad. Just like not all women are feminists. Makes sense, doesn't it?
Mariposa said…
I always thought -feminist meant a thoughtful woman who does her own research, makes up her own mind, and stands up for what she believes in, yet keeps a certain level of respect and tolerance towards others.

And TBH, it's not a matter of whos is better...we are here to compliment each other!

Kong Hei Fat Choi!
Kaileena said…
I'm a feminist but I don't have that neck
Deema said…

sometimes people find it easier to simply blame the society for their own shortage or lack of knowledge :)

ma 7aja t7ur 3umrik 3ala nas ma tiftihim!
Desert-Roses said…
aint that Jode low??

whatever ? how can I spell her name :p


Ansam said…
Tara 7ad-ha emthay3a bel concept LOL
I LOVE what you did with the KD20 heehee ta3jibni
laish 7amagt? 6aaaaf and go on w/ your life.
Sadly, I agree.
Some things were meant to stay the same. Im not saying khal n3eesh bel 3a9r el 7ajari when men used to lug women around and pull em across the cave men kesheesh'hom..
& I dont agree with the fact that feminism is basically hating men, thats not true.
True feminism is looking for equal rights and granting women the right to be heard and accepted not to be treated as a superior.
Alot of opressed women in Kuwait have the wrong idea eh.
Not a first.

Im all for women's rights.
But fe ashya2, we werent just made to do .
Oh and el7emdillah 3alasalmtik :)
I was happy to see that you are feeling better el7emdillah ..

I haven't blogged for a while so I missed your post about coming back, my apologies ;/
Deema said…
i just read the 20 kd story!!

no comment!!!
..::Amu::.. said…
bombay bombshell: WB.. I love your new nick :D

Allah yesalmch...
Rhombus Tigress said…
if, as you say, you have respect for all women - dont go generalizing by saying that THEY ALL SUCK AT DRIVING YOU BIG SUCKER!!
Fa6ma said…
I agree with rhombus tigress =p,,
I'm 99.9% sure she's PMSing, wether or not she's a feminist LOL!!
I love it when a man treats me like a lady, i.e. I like to be treated equally but for the man to keep on his mind that after all I am a girl. I hold elevators or doors for men too if they have too much to hold. It's a nice gesture regardless of gender.

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