5 months on the move

So today is 10th again! A day I never wanted to remember for the last 5 months. Things in my life changed my world upside down and whats now?

Today I am better person. I am back to normal life. The changes I have felt in me in the last 5 months are:

  • I am not what I used to be, I am careful dealing with new people.
  • I realised Life is not a bed of rose, you don't get what you always want.
  • I love my parents so much I guess I have never loved them in 27 years that much.
  • My mom is desperate to get me a wife and my sister is desperate to get rid of me.
  • I am happy to be in blogsphere as its a new and exciting world for me.
  • I started liking facebook, just because people POKE a lot and the buying friend thing.
  • Even though I though I was bored of blogging I am back here again writing this new post. I am addicted I guess!! :D
  • I found out that I have only one true best friend NuNu. Whatever the situation was in my life she has never left me alone. So far but yet so close to me :) Thanks NuNu
  • I love all bloggers especially all those who are married :)


nunu said…
no need to thank me!
I`m happy to read your new "findings" of life :) the way is still long, and we all keep learning. keep being positive :)
and... merci awi :P
Congrats on your findings...!!! :)
SpiKeY said…
guess you will love me more soon...very soon :P (PS as a blogger i mean :P)
GE&B said…
one word: discrimination!

On a more serious note, there are things that you "discover" over and over and over in life--except the facebook thing--and they ring more true with time. Like Popeye's "I am who I am"
'Grey' said…
If you read my old comments i have always said that good things come your way ! Good to know that you took life positively even when you had hit the rock bottom ... Stay focused bro ! life is a race , finish what you started ...

Yey ! it's a honor to be loved by Amu ( i'm a married blogger ) . Hope you join us soon ,
Cat said…
am happy for you
..::Amu::.. said…
nunu: you are part of this so 'thank you'

Hamitaf: thanks :)

Spikey: Ops! I do love you now more too as you are on your way to get married :) Allah yewafgk enshallah :)

ge&b: enshallah :)

grey: I do rem all of them :)

cat: thanks, hope you get well soon!
eshda3wa said…
wele not married
shino malna rab ya3nee!!
OutOfReach said…
happy for you :P
i'm on the list too lol
Navy Girl said…
glad your happy ..
intlxpatr said…
You sound like you have a wonderful family. Makes you one of the richest men on earth, Amu.

Do you love us more if we are VERY married? ;-)
shoosha said…
ooo laish u dont love those who aren't married!! :@
..::Amu::.. said…
eshda3wa: coming soon :)

ouofreach: yes you are :)

navy: thanks :)

intlxpatr: yes I do...cuz I find the married blogs more interesting to me :)

shoosha: I do love all of you :)
Weshfeehom el unmarried ones?
Malhom rab :/
Mayen7aboon ?
..::Amu::.. said…
bombay: I love them too...I just esp the married ones!
FourMe said…
*Tries to find herself a husband so she can be loved by his highness Amu*
Z. said…
have u heard the saying : you dont always get what u want but you get what u need :)
Fa6ma said…
Does that make your blog un-interesting? =P
I actually feel better about my blog now, I'm not the only one with a "boring" life?! =D LOL!!
:::ShoSho::: said…
Yeah, life is certainly NOT what I thought it would be. I have been through rough times myself.. it's hard to move on but it eventually happens..

LoL at your sis, why??
Shoush said…
So how come "married" bloggers are liked more? Discrimination!
Deema said…
Happy for you!

you're a good hearted person :)

all good things are for good hearted people :)

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