E-mail for sale

Something really cracked me on facebook:

e mail 4 sale
Listed by xxxx on February 18th.
For Sale - Other | 6 views |
wa7eed kuwaity
( oneq80@hotmail.com )
more info . .
call - 00965-*******

This was the last thing in my mind that people could think about selling :D

Sounds like a new business!


They'd sell their poop on ebay if there were buyers. Email's no big deal.
Big Pearls said…
why would anyone buy a hotmail as long as he can gets it for free?!
Anonymous said…
maya: looooooool

big pearls: exactly!!
Zi-One said…
men zmaan ybe3oon emailat-hom .. oo kel ma kan el e-mail ag9ar y9eer a'3la :P y3ni elli 3ndah email 3 letters hathaa waaa9el ;/ ayam gabel el hackers kanaw yboogoonhom 3shan ybee3oonhom ;s
Hamitaf La B` said…
you know ba3ad tadree... this guy doesn't use his email anymore and he was thinking of the next guy who might want to use such an email... because if he typed this email name.. he'd probably be asked to change it into something different like oneq801 or someting else... so this dude was just being generous... ... ... ... AZ IF!! WHO SELLS AN EMAIL???
Deema said…
well it is an old business, that's what i know.

it's mainly flourishes when someone has an email that matches a site name.
Navy Girl said…
didnt they sell that already ???? emails with 3 letters only oo madry sheno !!
Kaileena said…
Today is much better but I'm still sneezing! Hate it when actual dust comes out of your nose! Nya3!
Hope you're feeling better!
Fa6ma said…
Well if people were dumb enough to buy car plates, why not sell an email!?

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