Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Did anyone get this message?

Your Phone Number:

965xxxxxxx won $9500 in the yahoo! 2007 Mail Alert programme.

Winners contact mailprize230@yahoo.com for FREE claims and delivery details.

I am wondering how did they get my number? :/


chikapappi said...

Hmm... Probably through the web of course bas akeed it's nothing..

Princess said...

i think its nothing, ya3ni shwaya B.S but madre shloon they got numberik

Amethyst said...

About the last post, I had to sell my books because there isn't enough "space" for me to keep them. They were all over the tiles you like;p My dad was upset, and he made me sell them;(

I don't have Yahoo!Mail.

Ra7aLaH said...

thats weird! you should contact yahoo!

Amu said...

chika: but I never give my number on the web :s

princess: thats what I am thinking too...

amethyst: lol @ the tiles I like,,but its sad you shouldn't sell books :)

me too!

Ra7alah: I might do that :)
welcome to my blog :)

grey said...

You mean SMS ? You can sms through Yahoo to the mobile , i pulled the exact prank on a coleauge saying he won 5000KD , and he had to collect it from marina counter ... it was fun ..

look for nearest prankster .. write a mail back .. im sure they will respond ...just pretend to be stupid..

Ms Loala said...

I think it's a scam.
Try contacting them, but if you do happen to claim your prize, don't forget to split 50\50 :P