Blogsphere Rules

I just came across a bloggers meet up rules, its really funny to hear that bloggers have such rules:

1) The person should not be a citizen of that country

2) He should send his 3 recent pictures before they go further

3) Send his ID card number

4) There should be voice call between them on msn or yahoo

5) There should be video call between them

6) And the day they finally decide to meet up after the poor guy has passed all the tests :p, he needs to call her and wake her up in 30 minutes and if he succeeds they go for a breakfast...

loooool---I couldn't stop laughing, I never though I will ever hear these rules. I would like to hear more rules of people living in this sphere so share it with me :)


chikapappi said…
which sphere is that!? I never heard such rules!
Anonymous said…
well this sphere, me too I was shocked when I heard them!!
Dynamic Deeds said…
Thank you for sharing amu, I never thought such things exist...

'GreY' said…
you should have given the link ... anyways these rules suck !
Noufa said…
OK, I have one wait two :P

1) if we HAD to meet you shouldn't be a human (I'd rather if you were an alien or Umm a Cow :P) you know I had to say that :P LOL

2) Ummmm OK I changed my mind, I only have one rule :P
Anonymous said…
DD: welcome

grey: I know they doo

noufa: I prefer to be Alien sounds more fun :P
Navy Girl said…
7ada ay shy ??? LOL

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