Events in the 10th month

October always comes in my family with a few occasions to mark...But this year It will bring a few more rough memories to it...I was just thinking about it today morning and here are the things that came to my mind for this month...

1) 3 birthdays on the 10th - 12th and 28th (Mom, elder sis and the youngest)

2) Eid in another 12 days :D

3) Today marks 20 days of no news :(

4) N 14th marks an incomplete 5th Anniversary.......?

5) 10th will mark a 1 month separation Anniversary :o

6) 16th One year since her mother passed away - Allah yer7ama

7) One year since I thought she will be more closer to me and day by day I saw that ray of hope disappearing.

8) Need to pray more n more n more... Last 10 days start from tonight.

9) Why every bad thing happens to me every year in Ramadan or before it begins! Or is it just my thinking.....

10) Mom's coming back on 21st...can't wait! I have never missed her this much *yumma want a hug*

I hope all of you have a pleasant and peaceful month with all your prayers come true :)


'GreY' said…
A time for Joy , A time for sadness.... it's Life .. You are in my prayers ... Things will get better ...
OutOfReach said…
I know how you feel wallah i've been there :S it hurts i know o0 adri kel elli ra7 agola al7een ma ra7 yfeed :S but believe me one day you will remember all this and smile , and i know what you mean by saying " i have never missed her this much (your mom)"
back then i missed my dad so much and he was away too :P
any way things will be better hmm what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and wiser :P
wish you Joy , happiness and LOVE that last forever :)
Anonymous said…
cheer up man....things will get better enshalla...and always remember such conditions we pass thru only make u more stronger

take care
chikapappi said…
As Grey said some good times & others bad, you gotta learn how to live - forgive & forget
eshda3wa said…
ur just paranoid
and dude
stop mulling over it
u have to be strong !
Anonymous said…
loool.. three madre four reasons on the same person..
Hope to become closer!! that is not an thing to mark on your calendar man!! :p
You know me, just kidding, but give yourself a break..
You'll get out of really soon inshallah..
I have a couple of nice occasions in my life too ;)
I love october :)
Oryx said…
In simple math you have zero events in October, when you add your bad ones with your good ones you get even, so cheer up sweety, and still enshallah you have a full month to create lovely occasions and beautiful memories�
bb q8 said…
you're doing fine! in a years time, this will be forgotten... look forward to the good things in life and try and ignore the bad part :)
Dynamic Deeds said…
It is all in your hand AMU, if you want to be happy or stay like this and remain feeling sorry for yourself.
I really want to see you pull through this experience and spring back the cheerful strong old you, that we've always known.

I agree with Grey and Eshda3wa, u really have to move on, and stop dwelling on it. YOu are better than this and deserve better than this and to top that deserve to be happy.
See this change as a positive thing, that Allah wanted this to happen now not after 7 years or 8!
Your mom is commin, and that is something nice and you should be happy!! Allah ey5aleelek eyaaha ow tee too9al besallameh!
Anonymous said…
grey: thank for remembering me in your prayers :)

outofreach: cheers :)

chika: his words have the power in them...

eshada3wa: I will!!!

fa6fooo6: Why do you love october? :p

oryx: thanks for the simple maths,hehe

bb_q8: enshallah

DD: I am trying to move doesnt stops here..but the question is how to start it again? said…
the weathers getting better! im finally able to put the top down on my car :D
Lamya said…
Hey Amu,everyones different.I cant say I know how you feel because even though i have had my own heart breaks i dont know how you feel.Sometimes it takes a moment to get over someone,and sometimes you never do.All i can say is,im here for listen,to pray for you,and to hope that you will see light at the end of your tunnel soon Inshallah
Anonymous said…
u skipped my comment...:(
Canc3riaN said…
October 1 : My dad's birthday

October 4rth: special picnic planned with some friends ;)

October SOMETHING: Eid. (Not looking forward to it... don't know why)

October 27: My mom's 42nd birthday :P. Also, the first day of the conference we're working on right now.

This is my OCTORBER so far.... Enjoy yours.
Anonymous said…
Maze: You are a star mate....didnt mean to miss you...sorry about that!!! and you are right such situations make us much stronger and tell us how life can be....!
Anonymous said…
ammaro: thats gr8 news!! I can smell the cool breeze :p

canc3rian: hehe have a good one!

lamya: welcome to my blog and thanks for the lovely comments :)
Navy Girl said…
yay birthdays ;) wish them all a happy birthday :)

oh and pray moree eeee sh3ndk :P

inshalla your mom too9al blsalama !
Nora Cassandra said…
11th is my husband and a cousin’s birthday! And 14th is another cousin’s! I can’t remember anything else for this month! My full month is September!

Now about you! I still feel bad for your pain! I do hope time passes fast and heals the wounds! I think that hug from your mum would help a lot!

And happy birthday to your mum and sisters!
Anonymous said…
navy girl: yesalmch :)

nora cassandra: Happy Birthday to you hubby and cousin in advance :p

N about me I feel bad of myself too that why am I killing my self with this pain...But I am getting over it soon!
Olivia said…
Thanks for writing this.

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