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Time: 11:54am

My life is like a book where one chapter finishes and the other is not bringing me any better story too ... In life I have never given up on my strength but today sadly at this moment I have given up ... I wish I can be wrapped in a cloth and wish farewell to this world and leave... I have no words to write and nothing to say... I have lost hopes to live!


Anonymous said…
You are a muslim, then there is always Hope insha Allah

رحمة الله وسعت كل شيء

remember everything happens for a reason..u may realize that one day..u never know what surprises will come in ur life..just wait!

Don't lose hope..& stregthen ur faith..Be close to Allah
Anonymous said…
@@ im sure what ever happened is not worth it. so leave the drama.
and cry it out...
chikapappi said…
تفاءلو بالخير تجدوه
'GreY said…
Ahh ! that moment ! been there , Just say "i will do what i can and God will do what i can't"
Pinky said…
Aw, Amu don't be like that. Whatever it is will improve.
I've had days like that in the past but you just have to write it off to experience and learn from it.
It will get better I promise.
Get out of the house, either go see some good friends and talk it through or go for a walk on the sea front and get a fresh perspective.
Big hugs and smiles
OutOfReach said…
I hope everything is ok now
what happened you seemed ok the other day ..
I wish we could help you ...
dont lose faith things will be ok inshallah
Noufa said…
nothing stays the seem, Amu. everyone goes through hard times and they come out of it stronger and better, and I hope that will be your case :)
have faith and you will survive it.

listen to this song, it always cheers me up :)
eshda3wa said…
khal emanik ballah gowy, wtha shift mu9ayb elnass ethoon 3alaik mu9eebtik

things always get better
dishevelled said…
Last night that was exactly what I was thinking. I'm going through the toughest time of my life right now, and I don't have anyone who understands me...I feel like a burden on everyone around me...

Stay strong. I'm trying to do so as well. I keep telling myself, what won't kill me will only make me stronger, and that time passes and heals... In the end everything should be okay - that's the least of hope we can have.
shoosha said…
shilsalfa :S hope everything's alright
Oryx said…
I don’t remember the exact words…. but I believe it goes like this….
“about a storm there is nothing to do, but after the house is ruined there is”
bad things happen in life, it’s part of it, but after, as long as you are still there that means that the storm didn’t destroy you and you can build again what ever that has been ruined,

we get the chance to live once, when you think about the time when god asks you what have you done with the life I’ve given you? With the health I’ve given you? With the time I have given you?
We live the day that is today without a choice but we have all the choices for us to do with it what ever we want,
within us all there is a power and a force that can change the world, if it couldn’t make it a better place for us then it can make it a better place for others and that’s even better, cheer up :’)
Vixen said…
I don't want to preach , so *huuuug* - hope you feel better..
bb q8 said…
it's gonna be all right! hang in there amu!
Chroma-Trauma said…
What happened, Amu?
You were fine few days ago, what had changed that made you so desperate?
You are a strong person, Amu and you need to believe in yourself and your well-power. You can do it and you are the only person who is able to change his life, so it's up to you. You are the master of your own path, so don't get discouraged and depressed. your life insha-Allah is going to be much better in few months, maybe weeks and even hours, who knows?
Just..'Stop' and decided what do you want to do with yur life? Believe in your self, Amu because I do believe in you.
Be closer to Allah and pral alot and ask for Allah support and Ensha-Allah, think will improve
Anonymous said…
Anonymous: thanks for the advice :)

blue dress: will try..

chika: thanks...

grey: Enshallah

pinky: thanks for the hug i needed that

outofreach: sure things will be ok soon :)

noufa: thanks for the song

eshda3wa: hope they will get better soon...I want that too

dishevelled: I hope you are feeling better now...and cheer up :)

shoosha: just some ups and down but things are better now..

oryx: :)

vixen: needed that..thanks

bb_q8: me hanging till it becomes fine :)

chroma trauma: just another upsetting day..I am very close to Allah in my prayers I guess I just have to be more strong..
Navy Girl said…
amu enough of this humiliating self-pity !! wala seriously i told you once and i'm telling you again .. its not worth it !! nothing in this whole life is worth it !! life is not fair well guess what this is life !! you cant do anything about it .. you either sulk around and do nothing but self-pitying yourself .. and sooner or later losing your own self .. or you can simply forget about it and move on .. just be strong .. life is not a piece of cake .. there are those tough , hard , bad , moments yet we still need to move on .. just be strong .. and dont try to move on YET DO MOVE ON ! i mean it .. stop thinking about this or you will never be able to move on .. just stop it .. right now from this moment .. whats over is over already .. you cant change yesterday yet you can make tomorrow a better day ..

cheers bro ;) its eid already have fun melthle ma gelt lek 3ad :)
Anonymous said…
Navy girl: :D
Nora Cassandra said…
Sometimes you just my heart ache! STOP!!! You will write and write and write! You know; if I was able to survive my past life, I’m sure you will survive a broken heart! I was even thinking it’s time for me to start writing!
Anonymous said…
nora: sorry :/

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