War of the Blogs - Part 1

Name 10 things that piss you off from women:

1) never true with their promises
2) mine is right
3) stubborn
4) When I am free you have to be free to talk to me
5) Will make you dream o then disappear
6) Selfish
7) Others bf or husbands are this this n this why are you not and when you change they say ahh ur too obsessed
8) When you give them a good advice its non of our business and when they give you advice its good for our future
9) I cant see what I am writting here as its not scrolling down any more…..
10) cant live with them and cant live without them :D

UPDATE: And for guys who want to change their sex for a day just to favor Wooooo Mean...Shame!! Be a MAN today :D

Note: This post is not directed to food addicted Chikapappi..its just for fun and laugh.


chikapappi said…
:-0 !!!!!!!!! I will kill you!!!!!!!
Ra7aLaH said…
LOOOOOOOOOL a7la shay chika udercover as fulla ;p
Amethyst said…
Ha! You're just dating the wrong girls. Don't judge us based on them;p
grey said…
lol ! come on man ! you said , cant live with them cant live without them ...

* making tomato juice, halwa,curry , sambar from the 100Kg's*
Noufa said…
LOL Ok Amu :@

this is a threat btw :D
Anonymous said…
would u beleive this...your word verification for me is *yavjcvjwqrc*..now if this drives me mad..don't blame girls!!!!!
OutOfReach said…
will you said it cant live with them and CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM :P
chikapappi said…
sambar grey! I will show youuuuuuu
Vixen said…
Lol so untrue!!! Women are amazing and you just can't admit it :P
Anonymous said…
LooooooL funny some of the things you mentioned applies to men!
Anonymous said…
chika: I am waiting :D

ra7alah: hehe

amethyst: I am sorry you are wrong I am not dating any one,hehe

grey: call me once you finish making them :PpP

noufa: no bigger than that :D

outofreach: ee cuz they are terrible you try to forgive them but they always repeat their acts :P

sis: :/

vixen: not all of them :)

shayouma: I guess they go to o-both men and women :)
Anonymous said…
Amu i'm on ur side akeeeeed!! WAR ON CHIKA AND ALL FEMALE BLOGGERS...:P
Navy Girl said…
your so talking about me bro !! i meant the first one !! :D
Anonymous said…
navy: bro way7ch :P

Maze: cheers mate!!! man power :)
Navy Girl said…

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