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Its one of the markets in Kuwait where I am sure most of the people have been too. Its also called the Old Souk or the Heritage Souk. I am usually there everyday as my dad's business is located there and I go for a few hours just to see how things are going.

Just recently I noticed two incidents, I usually come across few of such incidents every month but last night these two are worth telling.

First incident: This fat women size of my house door with full make up comes to the souk wearing niqab bringing a group of her followers to say fat ass we are here for u. She comes sits on the chair and thats when the show begins. Every 5 minutes a new group of males admirers come and try their luck to make her happy and that she smiles back and takes their lucky number. For me I felt it was like a stage show where these guys were the presenters. Its funny to see the way they try to send number via blue tooth, different hand action, speaking on the phone and speaking out their numbers. Now here I don't blame the guy, I blame this women who has put so much artistic make up to attract guys... and damn you guys get a life!!!

Second incident: Now I see this beautiful old women really white in skin color wearing the traditional dress comes with her kids to do some shopping. Now when I say beautiful I mean really beautiful even though I could just see her hands and part of her eyes, but the henna on her fingers was looking really nice. For me beauty is a persons simplicity or I would say natural beauty. So whats next?? I see an old 50+ guy after her. OMG man half of your legs are already in grave what are you here for now? Go and pray, remember your GOD, do some good deeds rather than being a stalker..a few minutes later she left and the guy kept chasing her till when leaving with so many questions about this society...

Such incidents make me laugh for a few minutes but as I am really sensitive when I think about it an hour later makes me really sad... I start thinking with these topics and then the rest of my day becomes really sad because one topic leads me to the other and its a non stop circle.


OutOfReach said…
i like going to le mbarkyah :P
a7es wanasa specially in Ramadan
b3deen 3la 6ari those men mako sh'3el :S

PS: el aswad o el abya'6 9ij 9ij e3wer el 3een ambeeh gemt ashoof everything stripes b3d ma greet your post 7raam 3leek :S
shoosha said…
lel2asaf inna old men gamaw yet7areshoon akthar min il shabab :S shay efashel
Navy Girl said…
:/ dude your not serious ! :D
chika said…
3ady! This is how life goes here - girls follow boys - boys follow girls!
Grey said…
Amu , lol !Come work with me a day and you will not believe the kind of stupid things they do to get girls v-a-v . For me its common now !
Vixen said…
Lool! ok sorry i know u're pissed but "half of your legs are already in grave" made me laugh so much loool!
3baid said…
hahah, an old man can dream XD
Anonymous said…
outofreach: you are right mako sh'3el :)

shoosha: I have noticed that too..

navy girl: No I am not :p

chika: shall I say girls follow Men and Old Men follow girls,hehe

grey: when can I be your guest then? :D

vixen: :D

3baid: hehe
ammaro.com said…
lol, thats pretty funny. but seriously, the girl/guy situations are getting ridiculous, especially with this old guy following the girl. i dont know why our people are met5ar3een.

what can you do...
Anonymous said…
ammaro.com: I know :/

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