Why do doctors?

As most of you know that I have visited a few doctors lately regarding my health issues. Most of the time their typical and first question is::::

Are you Married?

So this time I got the answer. I came back home and goggled the question and the answer is here. Its annoying still!!!


S E 7 E N said…
emotional issues ???

hahahahahaha am not married so i have no emotions
chika said…
I thought they only ask us females! Poor men, they are trying to find any excuse now for their misfortune ;p
mo3ath said…
and what did they do after u answer them ? :)

how about a treatment ? :)
Anonymous said…
I have a urological condition and the question was related when I was Kuwait as it shows them how things work do there. but in the west no no asked me this.
Think-Become said…
eshda3wa emotional issues, maybe they think you have a rough marriage or rough things in bed?!! hahah
FourMe said…
at least in kuwait they ask you if you're married here they just ask you point blank .. Are you sexually active? I'll take the married question over any silly questions that I get here anytime :/
Zara said…
Maybe al doctora has a crush on you LOL!
The Extravagate said…
Last time I went to the doctor she expected am married she didn’t ask :s but in our next appointment she was like I only needed ur blood test to check if you were pregnant *HOLLYSHIT*LOol am like am not even married …. Eeeeeeeeegggh pissed me off at the beginning
The Extravagate said…
i was busy lately didnt have the time to comment but enshalla ur feeling better .. :)
well as FourMe said .. at least here in kuwait they ask if we are married unlike the western countries !
Amethyst said…
Why is it annoying even after you found out the reason?
Sal said…
Well , this is called Social History , in order to reach an accurate diagnoses and execute a well planned treatment ,a medical personal need to take history of the illness,your past medical history, Family history , Medication and allergy and last but not least physical examination.

Bottom line : marital status is part of medical information gathering
..::Amu::.. said…
S E 7 E N: I am not married but I do have little emotions not the issues though ;p

chika: It was much more than this ;/

mo3ath: I just said NO and Never!!ee treatment? ;p

Anonymous: I was asked more than this!

Think-Become: I am still single!

FourMe: Sadly I was asked he same question too and much more...

Zara: LOL a7em shy ;p

The Extravagate: LOOOOOL bs I told him from the beginning that I am single still he kept asking!

The Extravagate: its ok! thanks for asking now :) I am feeling good..

..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: well I was asked similar questions!

Amethyst: It still makes me feel uncomfortable!

Sal: Noted! thanks :) and welcome here...
Nemo said…
ya rait bs yes2lon "are you married"?

they ask "when will get married?"
"why are u still single?"
"why don't u want to get married"

shtabon lol
..::Amu::.. said…
Nemo: LOLLLLL no those questions are left for my MOM as she keeps asking me every now and then ;p
Ansam said…
Why is that annoying question!?!
Because they are the main cause of any health problems
I usually answer this question with another one, “are you?” or when I pissed off, “What, you don’t think I’m pretty enough to get married y3ny?”. I’m not a very friendly person when it comes to doctors; it’s my right you know. I mean the guy/lady will probably end up sticking something down and orifice, prop me with needles, or drill a hole. You betcha, I’m pissy when at the doctor’s.
Oddly though a dentist I used to go to proposed once.
Technogal said…
It depends amu if your doctor was a woman then maybe she liked you ;)
izzy™ said…
just go like me : *smile* "its complicated" :P *blink blink*

btw im going to be an intern in a month, i promise to not ask are u married, i'll just smile and go "sir, are u divorced :P?" :P lol
hell, if anyone has emotional issues (or any other issue for that matter) its me :P
(um no im not divorced)
(um no im not married)
( um NO im not single)
thats why ppl call u m3allaga.. ur just hangin there :D

one more person asks me if im married and i'll seriously....... :P
Navy Girl said…
loooooooooooooooooooooooool :D y3ny what if you aint married oo in love or whatever !! y3ny i dont think they would ask this question in the US lol ;D
Pourqoui said…
they lov u amu shfeeek :ppp
Aurous said…
It's just a modified way to ask about the person's sexual activities! They have to ask about it in case of Urological problems :)
ilsul6ana said…
3ashain il mitzawej bil Q8 kila yeshtekiiiiiiiiii mo 3ajba il 3ajaab! :P
TOOTA said…
LOOOL at NEMOOO!!;P that was funny!!

it's about the sex but in america they ask if you have been in a sexual relationship and the "are you married question"!!;/
Grey said…
Uhem ! didn't Dr Grey Advice you to get married first ?
Cooookies said…
It's just a polite way of asking about ur sexual activity ! Alot of patients find it insulting when we ask whether theyre married or not .. i dont get it, its much less embarrassing to ask sexual activities straight fwd !!
Candy said…
wallah, its a provoking post
that will make me talk abt it mn el7een lain el youm el thanee bas ra7 a5t9er <_<
shu ye5e9 hal questions
'when u get a high fever!!,the do ask me r u married?????
they:i said r u married?
Me;wallah its not related to high fever issue,wut the hell?
o el salfah fee hal issue ye6ool

its me Candy=Venus
Degoat said…

i got a friend that's a doctor so i understand why they ask u random questions but its important. they don't wanna miss out on any information.

Watch Grey's Anatomy n u will somehow understand shweia..

A said…
if this question was for a guy. it will mean a lot of things LOL!
Zara said…
Hey you just got the Butterfly award, check out my link http://zarawafahd.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-butterfly-award.html
Missy said…
inzain are you married a7ssan min asking ashya thanya! the Egyptian doc once told my cousin "enty bent?" my cousin was like "ee 3ayal walad?!"

turned out ga9idha enty married aw la! wth lol :p
Zabo0o6a said…
I agree with what think-become said :P
Batoul A. said…
lool doctors clearly understand how us women could give any man a heart attack :P

InshAllah salamtak Amer, ma 3ala albak shar :)
nyxxie said…
they have to ask this question for some health concerns.
Lost b2amreeka. said…
Lol, it is very annoying !! I agree with you ;\
lool wat i find strange is that in the pic theyres only women doctors;p
PaLoMiNo said…
salaamaat salamaaaat :***

ma tshoof shaar amuuuu!
i get asked this question a lot! i have no idea why

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