College Days Favorites

I went to Tesco today to pick up few water bottles and other items that I needed. While walking and looking at different items that were placed on the shelves I started recalling my college days and that's when I decided to pick up all the items that I used to like at that time. I couldn't find all the items but the 3 items I found were chocolates, Lucozade (energy drink) and Jaffa cakes (the yummiest small cakes I have ever had).


J o u J a™ said…
amu abi chocolate :(
J o u J a™ said…
oh yeah and me 1st , mn ziman ma 9ert ana el ola ;p
Lost b2amreeka. said…
omg amu Jaffa cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!! was addicted! abiii :(
Gone Bonkers. said…
mouth-watering post :P~ i looooove chocolates
Anonymous said…

If i suddenly drool on kids during work your to blame!
Anonymous said…
London...? *Eyes watering*

Tesco...? *Tears streaming*

I hope u have a really good time. Enjoy your time there... :D

For a nice thing not many people know about, go visit William Curley's Dessert Bar in Shepherds Market, nearest tube station is Green Park... :D
Anonymous said…
J o u J a™: hey the first one :) I will bring some for u..

Lost b2amreeka.: you want me to send some to states ;p

Gone Bonkers.: who doesn't love chocos :)

highrevver: blame me for good stuff ;p

danderma: I have never been there so will put it on my visiting list.

I wish I could come and live here again but then again I miss Kuwait.
me want :( .

well 3alaik bil 3afyaa ..

i like all the choc's that u picked i still do eat them ..

well who am i kidding i eat all kind of chocolates :P
His Sweetheart said…
That's mouth watering :(

I need a choclate :(
angel face said…
allaaaaaaaah aBeeee!! lol bil 3aaaafyaaaa;*
TOOTA said…
A Journal Entry said…
aaaah kakaw landan!
bil 3afya =)

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