Day 2 - London

All I did was walking for nearly 4 hours and site seeing Baker Street, Edgware Road, London Eye, Big Ban, House of Parliment, The National Gallery, Leicester Square, China Town, Hyde Park.... I met F at Paddington station and she was my tour guide to show me around. Even though I have seen all these places before I felt as if I was visiting them for the first time.

Coming from an IT and Marketing background one of the things I really love here are their advertisements. You see all kinds of advertisements on the streets from awarness campaigns to promoting a product. Something new I have noticed this time are the new projectors they have installed at some of the undergrounds and the tv screens replacing the posters while walking up the escalators on the under ground tube stations.

Today I will be visiting London Dungeon, The London Eye and Madame Tussauds. From what I have heard visiting these 3 places will take all of my day. I have been to Madame Tussauds before 10 years so it will be something new for me this time. I am excited about it and will be posting more pics soon.


wow .. just WOW .. it is truely amazing, the ad's, the view, the atmosphere just amazing ..

i've been to Madame Tussauds before 10 yr's or so as well ..

i heard that it go changed a lot ..

have fun and cat wait to see more pics :D

it is as if im being there with all the details that ur capturing ; D

have a wonderful day Amu !
i love the pics!

cant wait 3al madame tussauds! i wanna see how it looks like

3ad amu hallah hallah bil pics il san3a ehnaaak ;-)
Noura said…
I`m guessing pictures 3+9 are for me :P
Fashionista said…
ahhhh london makes my heart skip a beat

enjoy :)
His Sweetheart said…
The red colour is overwhelming, love it!!

Studying there or vacationing?!

Oh, loved the robbers advertisement ;)
Cuteness said…
amu plz plz plz plz lat3athibny akthar mn chethe ...... Abeee aroo7 London !!!
Squirreliya said…
reading ur posts made me feel i'm in london too ...have fun and enjooy ur trip :)
libero anima said…
when i went to the national gallery i just didn't want to leave .. it's one of the greatest places i've ever been to ..

i really love the painting called 'An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump' .. it is just amazing , i felt like crying when i saw it men kether ma hoo 7lo =)
angel face said…
allaaaaaaaaaah shawagtneee!! u made me miss london !! way i love it there! & i love the peaple w there cute accent ;p
Anonymous said…
lol tourguide AND photographer ;p
Anonymous said…
enjoy bro!!

3ad t9addig 3ala kether ma aro7 London, i've never been to any of the tourist/sightseeing spots madre laish :S
Gone Bonkers. said…
ooohh london dungeon i chickened out from going there!!

el7amdlellah you're happy! keep having fun for you and for us ;D
woow amazinggg
i need a break from all this studying;/
enjoy ur time for me!
Candy said…
yaaaaay! wanasah,
enjoy it to the max ^^
abee asafer <_<
i've never been to london in my whole life,its weird <_<
Um-Manaf said…
i wanna see pics of london's dungeon!!!! ... o i'm an advertising major fa i get what you mean about their ads..when u don't have censorship it's amazing how effective the ads can be .. ;p

wayed wayed 7abait ur pics !
A Journal Entry said…
loving the pics =)
3ad i've never been to london eye.. just saw it min b3eed..

take pleanty of pics!
Ruby Woo said…
I'm sure you'll find a waxed statue of Ruby Woo ;)
Anonymous said…
Come to my place I will show you around. Shkhbari london.. lima il7en fe nas yro7on laha :D

On a serious note; I hope you are having a great time :)
Cooookies said…
i hate london .. but right now i really wana go !!

btw nice shots u got there ..

Enjoy ur trip ;p
On-The-Rocks said…
i just miss london... london dungeon is good, would take you 2 to 3 hours i guess to finish it, but since its a week day, i dunno!
Anonymous said…
Woooooot!! I love all the pics!!
I have a picture with the red telephone booth since zamannnnn, I don't know where it go! Nice pictures wallah, I love London!
Anonymous said…
..:: P.ANONYMOUS ::..: thanks :)

My.Silhouette.In.Red: I will upload more pics soon :)

Noura: yes they are :)

Fashionista: thanks..

His Sweetheart: I am on vacation :)

Cuteness: hehe sure book and come :)

Squirreliya: Pics do make us feel like that sometimes :)

libero anima: I loved that place too..

angel face: a7em shy cute accent :D

desertpalms: you are a did more than my expectations :) thank you soooo much :)

S E 7 E N: thanks :)

εκsha5™: I usually visit a few place each time I come here :)

Gone Bonkers.: I went there yesterday its a good place :D

Music, Happiness, Love: I will ;p

Candy: you need to visit it soon :)

Um-Manaf: There are no pics of london dungeons as it was too dark there :)

A Journal Entry: I will :)

Ruby Woo: LOOOOOL yes I did :D

ZoN: Y will people stop going there? ;p I am having a gr8 time :D

Cooookies: Y do u hate London? thanks :)

On-The-Rocks: Nearly took me 2 and half hours :)

Zara: thanks :)
Smarties said…
wow.. 3ajeben al 9ooowar!!
a7laa shaii al ad elii feh "BEAWARE" lol a7s ate9arwa3 oo awaswis oo ana ga3d amshii kela eb sebat'hom!! :P

enjooooy ur time oo la tensana fe al 9owar.. oo sallleeem 3la big bin!! oo salem b3d 3la kel mn tshofa fe Madame Tussuad!! :D

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