3 WeekS & MorE TilL WheN

Its been 3 weeks since the attacks on Gaza started. I haven't been watching it closely but every morning when I hold one of the 5 newspapers that arrive in my office and my eye spots one of the bodies of the innocent kid who have died or a mother crying in front of her 5 sons as a result of this barbaric attack.

My body shivers...

I pray for them......

And ask GOD for help as the world leaders are too careless!

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Off the Topic: I am back!!!! The results were all good :) Thanks each and everyone of you who have been with me. Esp. thanks to MeshMesh for walking with me all the way when I was going for check ups <3.


\\//\\//elcome back ;D

o il 7imdillah 3al salamh ..!

abt the post, yeah that is so saddening :s may god help them in every way .. amen!

it's heart breaking :(
Anonymous said…
P.Anon: thanks :) Allah yesalmch!

Ameen..I wish this all stops!

and thanks for keeping ur first place :)
Anonymous said…
Al7umdelah, I'm so happy to hear that your doing fine. About Gaza, it's really heart breaking and God bless those kids and innocent people =(

PS take good care of yourself, don't stress out coz of work =P 5 newspaper? That's a lot!
Nemo said…
al7emdella 3al salamah :)))
welcome back;)

and yeah it is very sadd, i wish it can all stopp
Anonymous said…
Zara: thanks :)5 news papers are good for info ;p

Nemo: Allah yesalmch :)

Another: thanks :)

Music: thanks :) I wish it can all stop in a blink!
Charmbracelet said…
welcome back xD
Allah ma3ahom !
Think-Become said…
whats happening in Gaza is heart breaking, oo ebi6 ilchabd becuase we're not able to do anything.

good to hear you're ok, inshalla doom
Anonymous said…
Welcome Back Amu....
And three weeks and no one is doing anything.....?

that is just really bad!! madri shagool wallah...
TOOTA said…
wb!! me too i feel sorry for them!
Gone Bonkers. said…
Al7amdlellah 3ala alsalamah, you're back, you're fit, what more! =)

sadly its a blood bath in Gaza bs Allah mowjood...
libero anima said…
inshalah bas allah yen9erhum ! ..

wel7imdellah 3ala salamtik ! =D
Aurous said…
il7amdillah 3al salama :)

& Allah y3een the people in Gaza w yahdy the world leaders... madry le mta be`9loon naymeen 3la 3omerhom!
Anonymous said…
Charmbracelet: thanks :)

Think-Become: I hope it gets better soon!

seriously2009: thanks...i hope the situation gets better soon!

TOOTA: thanks :)

Gone Bonkers.: yes I am back and fit :) welcome to my blog!

libero anima: Allah yesalmch :)

Aurous: Allah yesalmch :)
A Journal Entry said…
7imdillaaah 3ala salmtik =)

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