Day 3 - London

It was a long and tiring day (in a good way). 8:30am in the morning I was at Madame Tussauds. It took me 2 hours to finish from there before I headed towards The London Eye and then The London Dungeon. Each place takes nearly 2 - 3 hours to visit. The weather was sunny with light cold and clear sky. It was just perfect to walk and visit all the three places. I really had a great time but by evening I was tired of walking so came back home and slept. That is typical me to sleep at 9PM :) Here are the pics to share with all of you. I could take any pic at The London Dungeon as it was really dark inside which made me sick by the end.

You can click HERE to check the pics on my Flick account.

Note: I will be deleting the pics from the account after 2 days.


Anonymous said…
Gosh the photos in the account are very very pretty!! Take me with you next time =P
Jewaira said…
Have fun. Looks like wonderful weather.

They already have Obama at Mme Tussaud's lol
wow mashallah .. It seems that u've been to london at the perfect time of the year .. :)

Have fun and enjoy ur time ..!

P.s: keep on drinking water :)
i just finished looking at all ur pic's in ur account and all what i can say is that they are BREATH TAKING omg i loved them so much ..

And thay made me smile just looking at them !

Thanks A LOT for sharing ; )
libero anima said…
i never got myself to riding london eye .. i'm too scared to ><

i liked the pix on ur account btw ! ..

have loads of fun =D
Smarties said…
wow mashallah, beautiful shots!! 5ooosh e9waar ;)

ma weddek etyeeb m3ak cham 3'aimaa al deera.. wallah nabii mu6aaaar!!

btw, waih hitler mu 9eej al gethlaa oo shanab LOL! :P
Zabo0o6a said…
You're luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Gone Bonkers. said…
i loved the view of london from top =) and i'm glad you're having fun, but don't exhaust yourself :)
On-The-Rocks said…
yeah, the best thing about london i walking... i love london because whenever i go there i lose a size hahah

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