London From My Eye

It's been one roller coaster week. From meeting sweetest F to a new friend Y, from eating my typical college days food to visiting some great site seeing places, from beautiful weather to living each moment of my 7 days. It was a vacation I long wanted and I finally got it. Lets say its the best vacation I had in the last 8 years. Life was so natural and normal. I am taking memories that will long be remembered. I will be flying back tonight even though I had a great time here I still miss my bed.


S E 7 E N said…
3alik ib alllllllllaf 3afiya dude ..... hope you enjoyed it :)
testahel amu ;)

im glad you enjoyed your time there =)

to9al besalama inshallah =)
Yara said…
el7amdilaah u had fun... i love london especially when its empty like this time of year... terja3 bil salama enshallah
libero anima said…
dude why did u do that to ur face ! it's like u have bits of crisps all over ur face =p .. i'm sorry XD

i'm glad u had a great stay ! =D and the weather is amazing there now .. i soo wanna go too XD ..
w to9al belsalamah inshalah =)
On-The-Rocks said…
glad you had fun man,, and who doesn't missed his bed?!! im away for one day and i miss it, i sometimes take my special pillow withe me:P
Technogal said…
Good to hear that amu :) tred bilsalamah in sha`a allah.
but tell me why did you airbrushed your face! instead you'd have wear your sunglasses ;)
Anonymous said…
u got lucky with the weather, it was horrible before u came!
im glad u enjoyed ur vacation
Have a safe trip home :)
Anonymous said…
Se7en:Y3afeek :)

Dandoon: Allah yesalmch :)

Yara: The weather was amazing all weak but today its cold and expected to snow coming sunday!

Libero: The best way to hide my self ;p Allah yesalmch :)

On the rocks: I miss it badly too :D

Technogal: Allah yesalmch...The pic was in my normal glasses so I decided to brush it so its not visible :D

Eksha5: I know I was lucky and I heard its going to be really cold next week :D
Anonymous said…
ihate uk;/ nice u liked it though:)
Gone Bonkers. said…
el7amdlellah you had fun and the vacation went just the way you wanted :D

to9al bil salamah
Mar8adoosh said…
awwww ahamshay ina u had fun w u chilaaxed :)
angel face said…
heeey glad u had a nice tiiiime ;* terja3 bil salama ya rab !!
uve been given the butterfly award by me;)
Lulwa said…
guess u make it 2 ur bed by now :)

7emdellah 3ala elsalama

Breaks r really healthy

wish 2 get 1 soon
Ms. D said…
and wut did u get meeeeeeeh (a)
Anonymous said…
OMG what have you done to your face???!!! LOL just kidding!
Grey said…
Wow ! nice face paint :P Still Londoning ? I hear snow storm out there..

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