Award & Tag

I was awarded by Zara, Balqees, Mar8adoosh and tagged by Desert Palms. Thanks girls...

Favourites Tag by Desert Palms:

Favorite color: White .
Favorite getaway place: London.
Favorite perfume (guys): Versace .
Favorite perfume (girls): Very Sexy.
Favorite pj brand: Doesn't matters they are just pj's .
Favorite clothes brand in general: French Connection.
Favorite country (not including your own): LOOOONDON.
Favorite car: Anything that goes above 320km/hr.
Favorite sport: Swimming.
Favorite sport player: Imran Khan.
Favorite spot in Kuwait: Middle of the sea.
Favorite animal: None - started liking dogs lately.
Favorite movie: keeps changing but the last one I liked was Transporter.
Favorite singer: Keeps changing.
Favorite day in the week: Everyday is a better day for me.
Favorite time of the day: Morning.
Favorite holiday season: winter.
Favorite number: 31/07/1981 ---- is that too long.
Favorite food: Junk.
Favorite chocolate: I can eat 5 different brands at the same time!!! Don't you get it..I am chocoholic......
Favorite cartoon: Grindayzer, Thunder cats.
Favorite blogger: That wouldn't be fair I like all of you in one way or the other..thanks for being great blogging buddies :)

Good Day!


Stitch said…
yay u posted! xD

yuma dogs scare me :(

ur fav num is ur bday? :P
Congrats on the award *cheering*

a car that goes above 320k/h o_O .. !!

trust me u'll love the dogs even more they are man's best friend !!

oh good to know that there are more guys then what i thought who prefers mornings, that a good sign i guess :D

winter?? i thought u feel cold soon so u must've hated it :P

ok im not the only one who is in love with her date of birth :P

i bet ur not more chocoholic than me !

Good day to u as well !
sadia said…
started liking dogs?? lol...i think i know why!!!

you commented on my post, both the awards are yours! congrats! :p

hope you're feeling well!
Anonymous said…
Stitch: I hate animals in general ;p and ya its my bday :D

P.Anon: I love winter even though its dark and dull :)

Sadia: sshhhh *secret* ;p oh thanks for the award :D ya I am feeling better now :)
libero anima said…
hi 5 chocoholic duuude !

and it's great to have u back ! =D
Ruby Woo said…
how can u not like animals? They're furry and soft and CUTE!
Anonymous said…
Dog?! Is it because of C2? You deserved the award and glad to know more about you, nice tag!
S E 7 E N said…
chocolate ..... hahahahaha weya chay ba3ad
Cooookies said…
hmm is middle of the sea considered as part of kuwait :p?
On-The-Rocks said…
Favorite day in the week: Everyday is a better day for me.

you have a small philosopher in you, i like it....

i like white too, but it has to come with blue or baby blue, i just love all the shades of the blue color
TOOTA said…
where should i start!!

Favorite clothes brand in general: French Connection.<< TOTALLY!!

Favorite car: Anything that goes above 320km/hr.<< that would be what i would say

Favorite spot in Kuwait: Middle of the sea.<< TOTALLY

Favorite animal: None - started liking dogs lately.<< HUN DOG IS AN ANIMAL...anways i LOVE DOGS TOO!! and planing to buy one!!:P

Favorite chocolate: I can eat 5 different brands at the same time!!! Don't you get it..I am chocoholic......<< HAHAHA and i would be a CHOCOLATRIAN!!:P
Smarties said…
a7eb el tags elii cthee.. i get 2 know more about the person ;)
oo 3al baraka al awards! testahelhom!

wedii a3aleq 3la kel shaii.. bs ma agdar a6awil, waraaii derasa 7q final bacher, wish mee luck! =(
wohoo see u have something to post about now;p
MeeMzZ said…

amu be careful with the speeeeeed!!!! :-(
Navy Girl said…
dude dudeee i already know who your favorite blogger is HA HA HA ;)

and yeah right in the middle of the sea where there is NO ONE AT ALL !!! PEACE MY MAN !!
Anonymous said…

Amuuuuu dear?

Dont get mad, but...


is not a country!



Gone Bonkers. said…
thunder cats!!! you reminded me of my childhood awww i miss the late 80's/early 90's ... remember the bionic 6, he-man, tmnt lol

i love london too, lots of memories...
Anonymous said…
libero anima: thanks :)

Ruby Woo: I just dont like them ;p

Zara: mmm yes it is :D

S E 7 E N: LOL I never drink tea :D

Cooookies: yeah as long as you are on one of the islands ;p

On-The-Rocks: I have lil bit of everything in me :)

TOOTA: Hey Chocolatrian ;p we have alot in common :D

Oranjina fadidra: When I get these cravings I can do that :D

Smarties: thanks for liking it and good luck :)

Music, Happiness, Love: yes finally!! :D

MeeMzZ: YOU WISH!!! ;p

My.Silhouette.In.Red: Inshallah :)

Navy Girl: Who is my fav blogger? tell me? ;p

desertpalms: OK let me say UK then ;p

Gone Bonkers.: good old days...I rem them all :)
Anonymous said…
I think I wanna do this tag!
Anonymous said…
Flana: go ahead...and welcome here :)
A Journal Entry said…
i was soooo into grandyzar when i was younger!

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