GiVe mE A bReaK

I need a change, its time I am just getting bored of everything around me, why?? I got no clue and no answer to my own question.... I am running around all the day trying to finish my work and by the time I finish its 12am. And that is the time when I just have one thing in my mind. Sleep Amu Sleep you got 6 hours before another hectic day.

My daily schedule is:
06:00 - 07:00 Wake up / Shower
07:30 - 08:00 Office
17:00 - 17:30 Leaving from Office and head to Dad's Business
22:00 - 23:00 Back home
23:30 - 00:00 Had my Shower and now I am late need to sleep to wake up for another day.
Where is the time for myself? ?
Yesterday, I finally went and bought my self a new Sony Ericsson mobile. As thats my only love in life (buying all the latest mobile phones). I felt that was a big change for me in my daily routine. This time I am ready to say I love Sony Ericsson. It really has some amazing features.
But then again after using it for a few hours I am back to that depressing routine. I guess I need the same meeting in G-Cafe again ? I am missing it..... I was planning to go there with a friend but then hey......What the hell?? I am going there to relax not to listen to people problems....I have got enough of my own issues.


Wild_Mare said…
24 hour per day isn't enough and will never be for our active social/career life.

but the question is .. DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB ?

and what about your week-end ? how do you spend your time ! I guess you have to set some projects for weekend and try to have fun OR relax !

Believe me , you dont value fun or relax moments without hard works or annoying routine.

sorry for being TALKATIVE today :P
Anonymous said…
Just take one day off and do absolutely nothing see how many hours you can last!
Anonymous said…
wild mare: I like my job and thats why I am still at this place for 2 years now :D mmm weekends I try to relax but once I wake up and there is no diving plan or anything special to do I just feeling heading to work, hehe and ya thanks for being talkative today :P

blue dress: mmm thats a good one I never tried should do that see how many hours I last!
chikapappi said…
LOL!! Another meeting huh :P after Ramadan enshalla ..

As for work, we are all going through this bas what to do, hopefully Ramadan will be better... Just take off as Blue said :) said…
take a holiday and go far far away, leave ur phone behind, dont check ur email, messages, wala shay... for a week, on a beach on the other side of the world

Anonymous said…

U need a change in routines..which will come,,but a bit later!
Dynamic Deeds said…
first mubrook 3ala ur SONY ERICSSON! =p welcome to the club =D I love SONY! I got a new fone too 4 days ago laken I STICK TO MY FONE!

You need to have a ME TIME.. try to make time for urself and do things you enjoy doing! =D
Navy Girl said…
if you need a break just take one .. dont push yourself too much its not good for your own sake !
Chroma-Trauma said…
Amu.. I know you love your dad and enjoy your job, but you need to have fun, need to look forward to tomorrow. You can always work 3 hours and than have a rest.. Go outside, walk for few minutes.. Come back and continue what were doing before. Whenever you feel overwhelmed.. Have your Quran with you, It's the only thing that Masha-Allah would lift all these worries and depression from your soul. Seriously, and Ramadan is tomorrow which will help you as well.
Why don't you take shorter working times.. In every week, 1 day only Finish working 2 hours earlier. you will notice the motivation next day.. so give it a try .. and ensha-allah Allah will be with you .. Don't forget that he's always there to listen to you so don't be shy and ask Allah for the courage,blessing and a happy healthy life ..
I will Pray for you ensh-allah ... and keep your smile, no matter what !!!

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