Driving & People

Today I noticed something on the road while driving my car, its not that I just noticed it today but I often come across this.

Why do people cross road so slowly when they see you coming closer to them in your car? They don't even look back at you to thankyou. They act as if its their right to cross the road the way they want to. They walk on the road in a relaxing way as if they are walking in a shopping mall. WHY?

Let me ask you all here do you experience this while driving?


Sis 4 you said…
ha ha ha...is this article inspired by mine "crossing roads"?

it seems so, no matter how much u deny!! Or is it the brother sister connection?

Well, if u haven't been on my blog, go n check, I have just the other preview of this one u mention here.
chikapappi said…
i love scaring people while driving and i don't like people cutting me off - I go crazy!
eshda3wa said…
ppl are retarted
and whos walking around in this heat!
Amu said…
sis 4 you: I didn't even visit your blog!!!

Chikapappi: well thats bad :P 7aram 3alech how can you scare people?

eshda3wa: I mean if you are visiting Salmiya and the street between Fanar and Cenerpoint :)

fayoora: shino kaifhum...you mean someone should wait for 5 mins just because a young health person is crossing a busy road from the wrong side
Blue Dress said…
Actually AMU it is their right to cross the street,as much as it is your right driving on it, so take it easy... plus why are you in a hurry anyway... slow down
Navy Girl said…
i guess you guys think alike :P

anyways ... sometimes when i need to cross the street oo i'm wearing a high heel i cant just run .. lol :D bs i always look back oo smile and say thanks ;)
Amu said…
blue dress: sure it is but from the zebra crossing or from a side of a road which is safe but not from any place they like too..moo kaifhum :P
Amu said…
navy girl: why do u wear those heals in which you cant walk properly? :P
Navy Girl said…
heeeeey mooo VERY high heel .. bs y3ny when you walk like a LADY with a heels you cant just RUN AROUND :P
Dynamic Deeds said…
=P you expect them to thank you as in wave or something? =P

Be patient with them, 7aram they are ones walking the heat =P
Amu said…
navy girl: if you can't run wearing them that means they are really high :P

Dynamic Deeds: no I expect them to come and give me a hug :P
Canc3riaN said…
LOL @ Hug

Well Amu... yes we do experience this... and my aunt sarcastically calls them " el monta7eroon" ... lol
Amu said…
canc3rian: lol @ el monta7eroon, hehe

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