Song of the week


FourMe said…
Such a beutiful song, your taste in music is improving :P
its looked better on beyonce not you camel face ;@

anyways, Barra Barrd!!
'Grey' said…
Nice !

Please vote for me No3 deliver without etting married .. some how i cant access the poll !
..::Amu::.. said…
fourme: when was it bad :@ :p

oranjina: Adry Bar r r r dddd :P I like her voice except her face..

grey: hmm I cant vote twice :D
intlxpatr said…
I love the sound, but the sentiment - AAAACCCKKKK! Walk away! Don't keep bleeding!
Amethyst said…
I used to play this song every morning on my way to school when it first came out.
ammaro said…
comment on the poll on the right... eeemm... ok im just wondering if guys get pregnant.. i mean nowadays i know we have all this new technology and stuff so is it really possible?
Navy Girl said…
now i'm in mood for anything but rock ..

by the way whats with the poll ??
..::Amu::.. said…
ammaro: I am sure it is !

navy girl: I am not!! and you what you did wrong :@

its just a poll!!
Navy Girl said…
dude whats wrong !

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